Thursday, August 18, 2005

Who knew my boy's room could look so GOOD!

Wow, I feel great! Tuesday morning I woke up at my usual 5:00am to exercise, but I had a terrible headache, and my left ear & left side of my throat hurt, so I climbed back in bed. Slept for another hour, got up with the intention of getting ready for work, but still felt terrible. So, I called in sick and Joe took the boys to daycare on his way to work. I got back in bed and slept for 2-1/2 more hours and woke up feeling fine! However, coincidentally, my keys had been left in my office Monday (Joe & I had carpooled in his car & I walked off w/o my keys!) so I couldn't go into work even if I wanted to at that point. So, I decided to take care of Brendan's room as best as I could while he was gone! (since that is one of my big stressors!)

Oh my, it took forever, (6 hours!) but it looks GREAT! I got rid of so much junk!

I filled a 30-gallon trash bag to throw away, a whole box full of little happy-meal-type toys ready to donate to daycare's treasure box they have, a big laundry basket of stuff to put in the yard sale, and another small box of stuff to put in the basement for Adam when he gets a little older.

The only things he has in his room now are the things he actually plays with:
-Games (neatly stacked on shelves in closet)
-Puzzles (neatly stacked on shelves)
-Action figures (all together in a plastic storage basket on shelf)
-Little plastic animals & dinosaurs (all together in a small plastic storage box w/ clear lid on shelf)
-blocks/legos (on shelf)
-books (on book shelves)
-movies (on shelves)
-V-smile machine w/ game cartridges (near tv)
-desk stuff in the desk (paper, crayons, etc)
-trucks neatly displayed on set of shelves (Joe's dad is always buying him trucks and so proud of it, so I felt like I had to keep those).
-Clothes in closet & dresser.
-and ONE other plastic container of a FEW miscellaneous boy toys that he plays with (flashlight, laser tag type thingy, etc) which is neatly placed under a set of shelving.

If it didn't fit in one of those catagories/places, then out it went! Now everything has a place and his room looks SO much better!!! He was so excited when he got home & saw it. His eyes lit up and he said "Thank you Mommy for my new room!" LOL He didn't even notice that 1/2 of his stuff was gone! heehee And he put everything he played with away before bed the last 2 nights. WOOHOO!!! I can't say enough how much better I feel every time I look at his room now. What a weight off my shoulders, and a great feeling to have accomplished something.

Now...if I can do that to the BASEMENT too I think I will explode with excitement! lol

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Carolyn F said...

WTG -- I followed in your footsteps and cleaned Connor's room this weekend.