Friday, August 12, 2005

random thoughts from this week

Last night we slept in our new Queen-sized bed for the first time. Well, it's not a "new" bed, but new to us. Some friends Joe works with gave it to us. Joe had a heck of a time w/ his allergies last night though. We don't have a frame yet, so right now we just have the boxsprings & mattress on the floor. Personally, I don't feel like it's much bigger than our full size bed was. I thought it would be quite a bit bigger. It also wasn't very comfortable in my opinion, but Joe thought it was fine. So, offered up our full-size mattress, boxsprings, & frame on freecycle and it was claimed within 5 minutes! Someone is coming to pick it all up tonight. That's great, because now we don't have to worry about it being in our way or where to store it. Freecycle is such a great thing. Now someone else can get use out of it!

We haven't made any real plans for the weekend yet. There is an outdoor showing of the Sponge Bob movie in the park on a huge inflatable movie screen on Saturday, but I don't know if we'll attempt that or not. Brendan would love it, I'm sure, but not sure how Adam would behave. And as always, I have hopes of getting some decluttering done around the house, and maybe Brendan's room cleaned up again & organized! I ordered a desk for him that should be coming in next week, so I probably should make cleaning/decluttering his room the priority for this weekend. I'm sure Joe has things he wants to get done this weekend too though.

I *think* I've been having a better attitude again Wed, Thurs, & today. The weekends are usually the TRUE test of how I'm doing though! LOL Let's see if I can make it through this weekend without a meltdown.

This week at work was the annual Summer Dance Camp that I started up 7 years ago. It went pretty well again this year. They had their final performance today for the parents. I always love to watch the parents look so happy as they watch their children perform. I always hear so many compliments about the camp every year, and the kids really do seem to have fun. The instructors are great, and the little routines they come up with are adorable. I had all the participants sign cards to give to the instructors. Then at the end of the performance I gave them the cards & a long-stem rose each, and gave all the kids a "goodie bag". Several parents commented to me that that was so thoughtful of me to think to do that. That made me feel good. I do that every year, but these were people who were participating for the first time this year. Dance camp, and the Father-Daughter Dance I put on in June, are probably my two favorite things of the whole year. These are both programs that I started myself, so I guess I'm a little biased. LOL But, anyway, it was fun watching them perform's always a nice change from my usual days spent in my office.

Well, it's about time to leave work & head home, so I better end this and get a move on. Here's hoping for a fabulous, stress-free, positive weekend!

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