Friday, February 17, 2006

It's Friday!

Well, here it is Friday again already! We are all getting to the end of our antibiotics for the strep, and Adam is slowly recovering from his stomach bug that immediately followed the strep! Poor little guy, that's more than a 15-month-old should ever have to deal with back-to-back. (unfortunately last winter when he was much younger he had even more things back-to-back with all the ear infections, and other various things. Such a shock for us since his older brother was never sick as a baby!) Last night Adam definitely had his appetite back...he ate a bowl of rice cereal and applesauce mixed, then proceeded to beg for cookie bars, french fries, and even wanted my veggie burger I was eating. So I ended up giving him about 1/2 of that too. Then he played for about 1/2 hr and was ready for his night-night bottle. He drank all 8oz of milk too! That little tummy must have been so full. And he seemed even better this morning- not nearly as much fussing as he has been the last week or so. Must say that is a welcome relief for me too! I love him dearly, but I cannot handle all the constant fussing very well.

This weekend I am hosting the monthly "Mom's Night Out" at my house for a scrapbooking night. (well, craft night, but most of us scrapbook). So, I will have some ladies at my house for scrapping, snacks, drinks, talking, whatever. (Each month we get together for a Mom's Night Out of some sort...dinner, movie, craft night, comedy show, game night, etc) Then on Sunday we are going to my nephew's 3rd birthday party. That's my weekend in a nutshell.


Christine said...

Found you on Technoratti. Our home has also been a viral abyss for several weeks.

Glad things are looking up!! We've resorted to a bleach/water combination in a spray bottle, that showers the bathroom and sink a few times a day. I'm thinking about one of those giant CDC tents, like the one they used in ET! ha!

Norma said...

I love to look at scrapbooking supplies and stores, but would rather spend my time painting and writing. It's a great hobby with long term results.

Glad the little one has turned the corner.