Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Courtney plans to do this year

1. Clean out our pantry and reorganize it!

2. Lose the last 15-20 lbs of baby weight.

3. Go for our annual scrapbooking weekend in the cabin with my mom & sister this summer.

4. Take the boys camping again (hubby too of course! lol).

5. Meet up with some online scrapbooking friends for a mini vacation in Gatlinburg.

6. Finalize plans for our home addition, and hopefully get it started.

7. Clean out and reorganize my scrapbooking area at home.

8. Turn 30! lol And hopefully have a fun celebration for that?

9. Go to my sister-in-law's wedding in October.

10. Go to my brother-in-law's wedding in June.

11. Finish the 2005 scrapbook album and start on 2006.

12. Start and finish Adam's baby album (since he'll be turning 2 already in October!)

13. Make some changes to better my happiness, and my family's happiness.

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mar said...

Scrapbooking weekend sounds like fun! Enjoy turning 30, it is a great age (each age is great, it just depends on how we look at it and how we feel!) My TT is up, as you saw it, thanks for visiting!

Uisce said...

Sounds like a great year you've got planned! My 13 are up!

"D" said...

Your gonna be busy! Hope you'll keep us posted on your progress... my 13 are up.

owlhaven said...

Ambitious list, girl!! You go! I have an un-13 today, but you can come visit me anyway, if you want.


monica said...

Great list. I hope you get to do all this and more!

Happy TT & cheers,

Nicole said...

Sounds like a fun year ahead! Happy TT! Nicole - The Girl Next Door @

Norma said...

Could be my imagination working over time, but you seem to really be into scrapbooking!

Thanks for stopping by my TT.

Killired said...

great list! here is mine: Killired: Thursday 13

Kelly said...

Scrapbooking and weddings...
You've got a lot to do!
I think it is so cool that you have a scrapbook weekend!

Happy Thursday!
Mine are up.
Diary of the Nello

d.challener roe said...

Sounds like a busy year.

My 13:

Anonymous said...

Scrapbooking get away sounds very much fun and relaxing..

Chickadee said...

I recently cleaned and reorganzied the pantry. It took me half the day! Let's hope I can keep it clean. LOL.

My 13 are up.

FrogLegs said...

Have fun accomplishing everything!! Scrapping weekends at a cabin- FUN!! Plus the TN excursion-- I'll have to make it next time!

Katherine said...

Wow, you've got a very full year ahead of you! I haven't even thought about what I'm going to do tomorrow...:)

Joan said...

You've got some great plans -- I wish you great success in them. PS - I ENVY you those 10 acres -- I'll be careful not to come around without invitation, though. Don't want to spot you running around nekkid! Thanks for coming by my ThursdayThirteen.

Mama B said...

I love scrapbooking, but I can't seem to find time to do it. I have a lot of incomplete projects that I have started!!

Karen said...

Oh, we love camping too! Do you guys "tent" it? Or do you have a camper/trailer?

And 30th!

Karen said...

oops..that's HAPPY 30TH! lol

(a little too quick on the trigger finger. lol)

Suz said...

Great list, Happy TT

Sounds like you are gonna have a good year. I just bought my first scrapbooking kit and afraid to start, that i may ruin it. lol

I would love to go to Gatlinburg, my oldest went there last summer with his friend.

Hugs Suz

Lazy Daisy said...

Good luck on your plans...great list. My son is 24 and I'm still working on his baby book.

Laura said...

it's always good to have goals in mind. LOL
A few of yours closely resemble a few of mine.
my TT is up now.

Jen said...

Good planning! That all sounds do-able. :-)

Thanks for stopping by, I'm going to go link you up!

Anonymous said...

turning 30!!!
sweet, i remember those days, many, many, many years ago.
i'm playing this week too.

Renee said...

wow I just can't scrapbook at all. The scrapbooking club at my Church, just doesn't get me.

Thanks for stopping by today. Love your comment

Anonymous said...

Camping sounds like fun! Cheers to good plans and happiness. :o)

Leesa said...

Great goals!!

Karin said...

Great list! Good luck on getting it accomplished. :)

Lisa said...

Oh no.. a fellow scrapbooker! Good luck with your to-do list!

J&J'sMom said...

OOO...I wish I could be you! Sounds fabulous! I have an all day Scrapbooking crop thingy planned on Sat..first time..hope I get something done ;0)

ladydaria said...

I am running behind on comments. Whew! What a day. Your list is great! I want to learn scrapbooking! Happy TT!


Paisley said...

Careful when you turn 30! Everything starts to fall apaprt.


Thanks for visiting me!

Kimmy said...'s not as bad as it sounds! Unless you say it or write it or think about it! :p (Just turned 30...can you tell?!)

My 13 are up!...late!

Renee said...

I'm asking for more questions

fefyfomanna: Asking again...

Holly said...

I have separate scrapbooks for both my boys - a new one for each year. Now I am overwhelmed keeping up! I am thinking of ending my older son's when he turns 5 in September, and switching to a family only scrapbook... but then keep doing younger son's till he turns 5 2 years later. Not sure things will improve much until then... but since I did separate ones for big brother... I feel like I should for little bro! What a dilemma. I wish I'd done just baby ones for the first year, and then switched to family ones like you did.