Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Courtney has Never Done

1. I have never been snow skiing

2. I have never been water skiing

3. I have never been good at singing

4. I have never been broken up with

5. I have never lived alone

6. I have never done any illegal drugs

7. I have never been sky diving

8. I have never broken a bone

9. I have never had a manicure

10. I have never had a pedicure

11. I have never been on a motorcycle

12. I have never eaten sushi or caviar

13. I have never played with a Playstation or Xbox

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FrogLegs said...

I've never done:6, 7, 8, & 12. But-- you have gotta have a pedicure-- they are LOVELY!!! :)Mine are up

mar said...

I am with you with many things, no manicure, no pedicure. Should get one, though, they are supposed to be wonderful! Now, do you put your wallet and keys in your pocket? because of my list ...

Kimmy said...

I've never done a lot of things on your list. Snow skiing, of course, ...see my last Monday Memory for that experience :p

I have been in a relationship(s) that has ended, been on a motorcycle a few times, and played PS2 with Jacob. Start now...practice everyday because Jacob can beat me at! But I still woop his butt with old school Nintendo 64 Mario Bros. and Pac-Man at the arcade :p

Suz said...

Great List, I would say I have done half of those. Wow on never being broken up with. I thought everyone has been atleast once.

Happy TT

Hugs Suz

Chickadee said...

I've had a manicure. I must confess that it didn't do much for me. I'd love to get a pedicure. I hear those are nice.

Thanks for visiting my 13.

d.challener roe said...

Oh, you've got to try sushi.....

My 13:

Anonymous said...

I am a pretty boring person, so much of what's on your list I've never done. I've always wanted to get a manicure, though.

great 13!

mine are up.

have a great weekend.

monica said...

WOW really? LOL??? The only things I haven't done on your list is sky dive and sing well LOL...


owlhaven said...

Great list-- thanx for visiting.

Norma said...

Most of that list could be me, although I did have a manicure once or twice. Some good ideas--

Thanks for stopping by my TT.

Joan said...

thanks for coming by my blog again, Courtney. Get out and do some of those things!! I enjoyed reading your list.

Karen said...

Good one Courtney!

I'm with you except for numbers 6 *cough* and 12.

Hubby just bought a motorcycle (after MUCH discussion) and I have to admit, they're fun!

Oh wait, number 13 too. I play those shoot 'em games with my sons. I know, what a great example! Shame on me. lol

Thanks for visiting!

Lazy Daisy said...

The only thing I've done on your list is broke a bone, and rode a see you're not so weird?

Petite Mom Blogger said...

I've never done 1,2,6,7,8,9, or 10

My TT is up at

E said...

hmmm...I've done all of them except 6 and 7 (and I nver had a pedicure...did have a couple of manicures though...helps the look when working as a close-up magician and my wife did jump out of an airplane once)...and though I've tried I sill am a non-singer.

Here is my thirteen of the week.


Anonymous said...

you've got a bunch of things i've done and others i haven't. the easiest one for you to try is a pedicure/manicure.
i'm doing the 13 this week too.

ladydaria said...

OMG woman! You gotta get a pedicure and then go water skiing to show off those perfectly polished toes! lol

Great list. Happy TT!

Renee said...

Not done: 3,5,6 unless you count laughing gass not at the dentist office...they told me it wasn't illegal!, 7,10,13

Thanks for stopping by fefyfomanna: You're questions Answered here on today's Thursday 13!

Paisley said...

Oh my - we have a lot of nevers in common!!! :)

You must get a pedicure, though. Truly worth it.

Janne said...

Your list reminds me of the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything song. ;)

Uisce said...

I've never done 7, 9, 10, 11. My 13 are up!

PJ said...

I have never eaten sushi either and probably won't.

My 13 TT are up. 1st week

Anonymous said...

I love the vegetable sushi with avocado. It is really good. :)

WendyWings said...

I have never water skied or snow skied,I think I have done the rest on the list.
( the drugs thing was only a couple of times and a longgggg time ago lol)

Carolyn F said...

Oh my, you NEED to get a pedicure.

Killired said...

cool list! thanks for coming to mine today!

Leesa said...

Wow very interesting list! I'm with you on 7,8,10. :)

Veronika said...

Are these things that you've never done, but would like to?
I cannot believe that you've never played with a playstation or Xbox! They can be pretty addictive.
Oh, thank God you've never broken a bone!!