Friday, April 28, 2006

Kindergarten Night

Well, okay, so Kindergarten Meet the Teacher Night last night was not as "fun" as I had hoped it would be! lol First problem- it didn't even start until 7pm which is my 18-month-old's bedtime. I told Joe way ahead of time we should get someone to watch Adam while we take Brendan to Kindergarten Night, but he said "no, let's just take him too, it's a family thing, it'll be fine". *sigh* Second problem- Brendan had for whatever reason been unable to fall asleep until midnight the night before so he was very tired. So we had those 2 problems working against us before we ever even arrived.

We got there to find about 25 other little kids that will be in Brendan's class (and their families of course). We didn't know a single soul in there, and of course Brendan didn't either. Then, after signing in, the first thing they did when they started was say "Okay, all the kids come follow us to the bus and all the parents stay in here". Um, okay. This did not fly with Brendan. He wasn't about to go with 25 kids he's never seen before and 2 adults he's never seen before in a place he's never been before, and leave mom & dad behind. He got really nervous and scared and wanted me to go with him. I told him I'd walk him out there. They had a bus and they wanted the kids to get on so they could see what it's like to sit on the bus. I thought this would be Brendan's favorite part, but he started crying! "I don't want to go on the bus, I want to stay with you, I miss you, I don't want to go on the bus! I want to go home!" This continued and the crying got louder. Meanwhile Adam is wanting to walk all over the parking lot, and I chase after him and he does NOT want to picked up. He starts kicking and screaming and crying. Ugh! So here we are, both our kids crying and throwing a fit, and of course, EVERY other little kid there is behaving perfectly. It was quite embarrassing! Finally they get off the bus and go inside to see their classroom, etc. Adam is still fussing, trying to get down and run all over creation.

The teacher looked at us as we were coming back in and asked with a surprised tone in her voice, "Does Brendan not know any of the other kids?" Um, no. (how would he?) I guess the other kids and parents already knew each other somehow. Wow did I feel like we were out of place. Then the bus driver pulls me aside and says something about us needing to nip this in the bud before school starts, and she said she could come pick us up on the bus some day after she drops other kids off and she will take Brendan and me on a bus ride so he can see what it will be like and get used to it. Very nice of her to offer, problem is I work full-time and am not at home at the time she drops kids off in the afternoons. Also, I imagine her offer was more for her sake since she doesn't want to deal with that the first day of school. LOL And again, embarrassing that she felt the need to offer. And now my child has already been pegged as the "problem child" of next year's Kindergarten class! lol

Meanwhile, this whole time the parents were supposed to be in the cafeteria hearing all the important things we need to know about Kindergarten and the school and such, and we've been missing it. So, finally Brendan stops crying and is letting the teacher hold his hand for the tour of the school, and Joe stayed out in the hall with Adam while I went in to listen. Although I missed at least half of the info, so I still don't know what I need to know. Then it's over and they tell us to go get our kids off the playground. Luckily, by the time I get out there, Brendan and Adam have been playing on the playground happily and the fits are over. I ask Brendan if he can show me his room, and he proudly shows me where it is and where they will hang their coats, etc, etc. Time to go. Crying begins again "But I don't want to go home! I want to stay here!"

Go figure.


Uisce said...

I wouldn't have gotten on that bus either. No way!


It's just normal for a kid to refuse to go on a bus he has never even seen much more without his parents. They shouldn't have done that in the first day of their orientation.

FrogLegs said...

oh no.... :( Poor baby!