Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things Courtney wishes she could do better...

1. Sing (Cannot sing to save my life)

2. Cook (I can cook the basics, and I can follow a recipe, but I'd like to be better at knowing what to cook and how to use foods I'm not familiar with)

3. Have more patience (I used to be the most patient person I knew...until I had kids!)

4. Know how to fix my hair in a variety of stylish ways (I don't know what looks good on me or how to find out! lol)

5. Getting and staying organized (I always have the best intentions)

6. Less procrastination (I can be bad about putting things off)

7. Have an interest in gardening (sadly, I don't know much and don't have much desire to learn)

8. Knowing what to wear (I don't know how to find what looks good/stylish on me and I don't like shopping and don't have enough time! Any fashion experts out there want to tell me what to wear? lol)

9. Being married with children (yes I think I do a fine job, but sometimes I wonder if I was meant to live alone instead. Don't get me wrong, I love my hubby and kids very much, I just sometimes feel like I wasn't cut out to be a wife and mom)

10. Showing affection (I'm not a kissy-touchy person. Yes, I *do* like making love, I'm not talking about that kind of affection, I just am not good at the casual daily non-sexual affection stuff. I hate to have my face touched, and it is annoying to me to have someone too close or touching me all the time. I need my space. Hubby is a very affectionate person and is constantly kissing, touching, grabbing, every time I walk by or turn around and while I'm trying to get things done and it is terribly annoying.)

11. Expressing my needs (I tend to bottle things up and then explode)

12. Not playing the martyr (yes I do almost everything around the house and clean up after everyone, but that doesn't mean I need to act like a martyr. I'm working on this).

13. Being content with who I am (I used to be happy with myself, but now I keep beating myself up for not being who I used to be.)

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Amanda said...

Good list - there are a lot of things that I wish that I could do better, too! But also remember to praise yourself for the things you do well...

My 13 are up.

FrogLegs said...

Your hair-- ask around-- see where the best salon is, and tell them you want something crazy & fun. I'm whacking off my hair next week. Ilove to try new do's-- cut pictures out of what you like. I love short flippy hair- and I bet that would look fabulous on you!! I'll have to find a picture of what I am thinking and email ya. :) Oh, #10-- yup, yup. I'm loads like you!

ems said...

I can't sing, nor garden.

Amen on #13. I wish I could just be happy with how I look.

mar said...

I am sure you are doing everything pretty well yourself! Nr.3: you need more patience when you have little ones...but wait until they are teenagers! nr 5: came back from vacation and I specially need some organization talent right now! help! Happy TT!

Karen said...

Courtney, we could be sisters!! I would love stylish hair but I suck at fixing it. I have NO idea what looks good on me. This married thing, yeah, after 16 years I still don't feel totally comfortable with my role. And the whole touchy-feel-y thing; stay away, that's all I'm saying. lol

Let's do a makeover together and talk about it. *grin*

Thanks for stopping by!

Lisa said...

My gardening kick just came within the last few years. I never cared at all about it. I think I'm getting old. LOL

I can't find the "right" stuff to wear either. :)

EmilyRoseJewel said...

I am the same with with most all of your list. I wish I could sing better, cook better, fix my hair differently etc. I am working on housekeeping better and always looking to be a better mom and wife. Funny thing on knowing how to dress-my husband actually helps me out! My list is up!

Norma said...

I think you can cross off #11. You've just uncorked the bottle! Good list.

Thanks for visiting my TT.

feedscott said...

I wish I could type faster


Michelle said...

I think we can all use some more patience. As a new mom, I think the patience that a mom needs is immeasurable.

My TT is up.

Angel said...

I wish I could get things organized too--but having a husband and kids kinda makes that hard ;)

As for the cooking--when I got married, I could cook like 2 things. I really recommend The Fanny Farmer Cookbook--it teaches you what to look for in different foods (like say a veggie you're not used to using), and how to prepare it. That cookbook taught me so much--and then I branched out to other cookbooks.

And hey, with the internet, you have unlimited recipes out there!

Happy Thursday :)

Froggie Mama said...

YUP! We have alot in common!! :) Singing, procrastinating, gardening, cooking, hair-fixing... yup, I totally understand!

Great T13! :)

Jen said...

I have a huge list of things I wish I did better, too. I think if you don't, you're probably worse off than the people who do. KWIM?

My TT is up!

Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, great list Courtney. If it helps, there are seasons in life when you will be able to do the things you listed. Untill then be the "best you" you can be. I applaud you in that you have really thought out this list. My TT is up.

Kim said...

My husband tells me that I'm the only girl he knows who doesn't know how to do hair. It's true...I don't have a clue.

Fashion and I aren't close friends either (give me a comfy pair of jeans and a t-shirt)

I also think gardening is dullsville...the end product looks great, but I hate doing the work, so my garden is mostly dirt and some colorful bushes.

Ames said...

when you figure #11 out, please call - I do the same thing.

my list is up if you get a chance to stop by.

Uisce said...

nah, just put all that stuff off until next year! :)

Undercover Angel said...

I wish I could sing too! My TT is up!

Denise said...

You could SO be my twin.xswba

Chi said...

Oh, goodness....I can relate to everything on your list...we certainly have a lot in common. *s*

Thanks for visiting my TT...hope you had fun trying to guess my real name.

Master Enigma said...

I loved your Calvin cartoon.

I procrastinate as well.

I love to cook however. I do chinese food like that rocks the world it is so good.

Start your gardening out small in containers. Grow some tomatoes this year.

My own 13 is planting watermelons I think... over at

Chaotic Mom said...

I think your number 9 hit me the hardes. I'm not exactly the best wife or mom, either. I LOVE my family, but am a "flop". Somehow, we're all doing okay, though. ;)

Lifecruiser said...

I do hope that you get all your wishes... almost at least :-)


-R- said...

If you find an expert to help you with the fashion thing, will you send them my way? I hate shopping because I can never find anything that fits right. Ugh.

stacey said...

Are you my clone? (heehee)
I agree with every single one except for gardening...I like it, I'm just not very good at it.
My TT is up.

Sherri said...

I think you're being too hard on yourself! ..brave list! list is up:)