Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I tried to post yesterday, but blogger wouldn't let me.

We had a pretty good weekend. Saturday we went to a Vet School Open House and they had all sorts of animals and things. The boys seemed to enjoy that. Joe stuck his hand in the cow stomach, but Brendan decided he did not want to do it. I took a picture, but I need to get it developed. We actually missed a lot of the activities and such because we went closer to closing time. But, it was still nice to get out. After that we ate dinner at a local pizza place.

Sunday I had to work at the local Earth Day event all day. Luckily it was beautiful weather. However my arms and shoulders are sore from lifting kids onto the huge Earth Ball all day! Good exercise though, I suppose.

This Thursday is the Kindergarten Meet the Teacher Night at the elementary school Brendan will go to in August. I'm looking forward to seeing the school and teacher and finding out more about what things will be like for Brendan. I hope he enjoys it. We have never even seen the outside of the school. It is down a (rural) road that we never go by, so I don't even really know exactly where it is! Guess we'll find out! lol

Then on Saturday I'm going to "Memoranza", which is a 12-hour scrapbooking event! Woohoo! 12 hours of kid-free scrapping time! Yea!

Oh, and notice the new ticker at the top? Carolyn's idea to do a ticker for the countdown to our Gatlinburg trip! A group of us that have been on an online scrapbooking group together for several years (since before either of my boys were born!) are getting together in Gatlinburg this summer! Woohoo! Let the countdown begin!


Kimmy said...

I can't believe he ate after sticking his hand in a cows stomach. Blech. Which stomach I wonder ;)

FrogLegs said...

It's crazy to think I knew you before kids. And Nathan was a newborn. INSANE!!! As for teh cow's stomach... I'd have passed.. LOL! I bet Nathan would have done it though, LOL!


That seemed to be a fun filled weekend. I'm happy for you.

Carolyn F said...

OK, I don't see the ticker. It IS hard to believe this group has been going since before both of your kids!

TNChick said...

The vet open house sounds like much fun!

Galtinburg is just a few hours away, I enjoy going there.

monica said...

Awwww that's rad about the scrapping and the school. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

And Earth day. Oh my. I forgot about that one. LOL....