Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Time change problems???

(if you're looking for my wordless Wednesday, it is the post below...I could only remain wordless for part of the day. lol)

Are my kids the only ones that are STILL affected by the timechange??? lol Oh my gosh, they are driving us insane at night! Brendan, who usually goes to bed and sleep with no problems ever since birth, has been obnoxious the last 4 nights!!! At 11pm when WE are in bed and trying to sleep we can still hear him down there getting up and playing and such. He is bouncing off the walls wide awake! Yesterday morning I found him asleep on the couch, instead of his bed. This morning he got in bed with us because he thought he heard thunder, and when I went into his room this morning, I found that he had used stickers to hang about 10 pictures he had drawn/colored up on the wall sometime after we went to bed! He usually goes to bed between 8:45-9:00pm and we always read to him and then he goes to sleep. (sometimes he watches a bedtime video in bed after we read to him, but even then he falls asleep during that). But these last several nights, I don't know what to do with him! How do you force a kid to go to sleep?! lol (And on top of that, Adam has been waking up too, which he rarely does anymore). We are exhausted. And of course, since Brendan isn't going to sleep until late, then he is really crabby in the morning while we're trying to get out the door. Anyone else having any problems with this? Any ideas of what to do, short of strapping him down to the bed? lol


Praying for your Prodigal said...

I remember the good ole days! My youngest and last is 14 years old--and even at this age he is struggling with the time change and early to rise go to school.

Is it warm where you live...can you take them outside..say for 4 or 5 hours and play them out!!!! Good dose of fresh air always makes me tired! Maybe it's just a mom thing.

Good luck...hopefully it is a short-lived problem.



You can't actually force them when they are wide awake. It ends up you falling asleep. Maybe lessen his intake of energy food before bedtime.

Killired said...

it's affecting me big time! slept in sunday, missed church... and son was late to school on tuesday cause of oversleeping! i hate changing cause of the sleep issues but i LOVE it staying light out till 9p in the summer!

Viamarie said...

Why don't you try limiting his activity before bedtime. After dinner, just make him read a book& give him his bath. No TV or video games because there may be programs that can excite him. I tried this and it worked. Hope it does with you too. Good luck!

Dropping by via Friday's Child.

Carolyn F said...

Run and play until they beg for bed. Mine haven't slept well either this week if it makes you feel any better.