Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another busy weekend

Well is has definitely become summer. It has been much hotter here this past week and of course just in time while my car is down and I'm having to drive my husband's car which has NO air conditioning.

Saturday I went out of town for a bachelorette party. I was told to wear a dress, so I wore the only dress I have that isn't long sleeved, and had to drive about 2 hours in the heat. I just knew that after sweating for 2 hours sitting in the car that I would end up with the outline of my butt and legs in sweat on the back of my dress, so before I headed out I pulled up the back of my dress behind me and sat bare on the car seat for the drive. Well, not BARE, I *did* have underwear on, but you know what I mean. LOL The rest of the dress covered the sides so noone else could even tell. Pretty clever, huh? *sigh* Oh the things girls have to deal with that guys don't. lol

But anyway, I did get there, did manage to not have sweat marks, and even got several compliments on my dress :) We first went to lunch, and it was very expensive and noone really liked what they ordered. But there was wine tasting, so that made up for it a little. Then we headed back to the hotel rooms and drank and talked there for awhile. Then we headed to the bar and casino- in the hotel shuttle, we didn't drive, don't worry. There were 2 different bands that played at the bar, both were pretty good! The girl the bachelorette party was for was very drunk and so everytime she got up to dance, at least 3 of us went up with her to make sure she didn't run into anyone or fall over herself. lol She was a good drunk though, not obnoxious, just wanted to dance and have fun. And the next morning she was up earlier than any of us, perfectly fine, didn't get sick, no hangover, nothing. But she only remembered about 1/3 of the whole time, she didn't even remember putting her dress on to go to the bar in the first place! lol
We assured her that she had a good time. heehee.

Sunday afternoon I arrived back home, and then we had a picture appointment for my two boys and my sister's two boys. Every year we get a photo taken of all the kids for our mom for mother's day (yes, we are late this year). Oh man, it was so stressful! First of all, our appointment was at 4:00 and the people ahead of us took forever to pick their pictures, etc, so we had to wait and wait and wait...over an hour!!!! Now how do you keep 4 boys, ages 6, 5, 3, and 19 mos quiet and entertained for that long in a portrait studio? You don't! You just have 4 noisy boys running. And of course, then, by the time they finally were ready to take the pictures, the boys were tired, hungry, bored, and in Adam's case...cranky. He didn't want to be put in any pose or even stand by the boys to get his picture taken. He kept walking away and/or crying and crying. It was total chaos, and we were all ripping our hair out. After awhile of this and Adam busting out in tears for the tenth time we finally just called it off. We didn't get the picture. *sigh* All that for nothing.

Then we went back to my sister's house and let the boys play, and we all ate pizza together before going home. Once at home, we put Adam to bed (finally!)

Monday we had a similar adventure at the grocery store, and well, just the whole weekend pretty much. No resting or relaxing for us. Both of our boys were cranky and had little attitudes the whole weekend. We couldn't wait to get them in bed each night. Now it's back to work and my car went into the shop this morning.

I wish I could say we have a restful week and weekend ahead of us, but this week is busy, and the weekend is booked once again. Every weekend was booked for May, and continues to be booked every weekend in June, and most of July as well. Next thing I know it will be fall already!


Holly said...

I totally would have done the same thing with the dress in the car!

So sorry to hear about the pictures, that would have frustrated the heck out of me. I always go to a place where appts aren't required, at a large mall. It is about an hour's drive for us, and what we do is arrive about 15 minutes before they open.

It is first thing in the morning too, so the boys don't really have a chance to get cranky or messy before the pictures are taken. So far, it is the only thing that has worked for us! Course, I have to take a day off work, because it only works on weekdays... but hey, it's a great excuse to go shopping afterwards (as long as the boys allow, anyway).

FrogLegs said...

It is that time of year.. as for picture taking-- my sympathies... try for the first appt's of the day-- seriously. Or, if you want to come here- I know a fabulous photographer who does AWESOME pictures, and is QUITE reasonable in her price. :)