Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Recap

Wow here it is Monday again already, and I haven't posted since Thursday. I didn't even see half of the comments from Thursday until just now- Sorry!!! Thank you all so much for all the wonderful, nice and thoughtful comments you left about my mom and MS. The MS Walk went well. I raised $245.00 which was $45 over my goal. I got to see my sister and my mom, which was nice too. Mom volunteers at the event, but she can't do the actual walk anymore. A friend of hers from high school even came into town to do the walk! I know that must have made my mom feel really great. My cousin and aunt also did the walk, but they did it in a different town this year because the dates worked out better for them.

On Sunday I stayed home with the boys while Joe finished putting together a HUGE swingset for my sister and her family. They bought it, but didn't know how to put it together so they asked Joe to do it. It took 2 weekends to get it built. But now it's done, and you bet our kids are going to play on it too since Joe put it together! lol

We also had the Immunity Challenge Sunday morning for the Scrapping Survivor game, which is always a big rush trying to complete and get turned in. In addition to doing my own page, I had to load up the boys, drive out to where my sis was doing her monthly crop and take a picture of her page, drive back and upload it and turn it in for her. I *barely* made it back in time. It was due in at 2:00 our time, and I sent it in at 1:59! Melissa almost had to kick my sis off for not turning in a page, but we got it to her just in time! lol And, as a nice surprise, my page actually ended up winning immunity! Woohoo!

Now it's back to the office for another work week. Although today has flown by! I'm *really* looking forward to Saturday, so I'm okay with the work week flying by this week! lol On Saturday we will be taking the boys to an amusement park. I'm looking forward to having a fun family day together! I just hope it doesn't rain! It's not supposed's supposed to be sunny and 70 degrees, which will be perfect!


monica said...

Ok I need to participate in these scrap booking games!!!!

Carolyn F said...

An amusement park trip sounds great -- which one are you going to?

Holly said...

Sounds like lot's of hectic fun, kind of like in our own household! Hectic is good, though.