Monday, May 15, 2006

A good weekend!

We had a lot of fun at Worlds of Fun on Saturday. We stopped on the way to see a friend of mine from high school. Then we headed to Worlds of Fun at 4:00 when the price goes down! We almost had to pay the "adult" price for Brendan, as they only get the "Junior" price if they are under 48".I knew it would be close because he is 46" without his shoes on! But luckily he was a tad under their measuring stick so he was okay for the "junior" price. I would have been very upset if we would have had to pay adult price for a 5 year old! The boys both rode almost all the rides in Camp Snoopy. I wasn't sure if Adam would be able to or not, but he was just fine and he loved going on the rides with Brendan. I took LOTS of pictures, and I just took them to the 1-hour-developing on my lunch break today so I should have them back soon.

I decided that I wanted to ride at least one roller coaster before we left, since we paid to get in too and I haven't been on one in about 13 or 15 years. So Joe watched the boys while I rode the Timber Wolf roller coaster. I should have gone on one of the others instead, but we were right by the Timber Wolf and the line wasn't very long. I had forgotten how jerky that one is! My head was banging around the whole time and my neck is still sore, feel like I got whiplash or something! lol It was really sad, as I was standing in line I realized I was the oldest person there. (and I'm only 30!) lol I was surrounded by junior high and high school aged kids...I felt really out of place. haha. And now I really feel old that I didn't even enjoy it because it was too jerky, I'm sore the next day, and note to self: next time wear a bra with better support! Oh my! lol

But we did have a good day, and we must have worn Adam out, because he took a 5-hour nap on Sunday! Sunday we were at home, we were all tired and Joe and I both didn't feel very good. The Scrapping Survivor game challenge was ending that evening, so I spent the first part of the day doing some scrapbook pages for that. (and as Melissa pointed out, I should mention that I made it to the final three!!!) Joe hadn't gotten anything for me for mother's day yet, and he was going to go to the store, but at that point it was kinda pointless since the day was half over and I suggested that he just be my "house boy" for the rest of the day instead. So, I had him do the things I normally do on the weekends...dishes, laundry, picking up in the living room, clearing off the kitchen table, cleaning the kitchen, and I had him help Brendan clean his room. lol Brendan's room is still a mess even after they both worked on it for a long time. But Joe did very good and didn't complain about having to do all my chores. And he even made me chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner, which we ate while watching the 3-hour season finale of Survivor!

So, it was a good weekend. I'll share pictures soon.


Uisce said...

Roller coaster... uggh, I'm feeling dizzy, just thinking about it! :)

FrogLegs said...

You forgot to share the news!!! You're in the FINAL THREE!!!!!!!!!!

Carolyn F said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Can't wait to see the pictures!

monica said...

We want pictures!!!

Kimmy said...

You were the oldest one there. Girls our age stay home on the weekends and are in bed by 8pm... remember? ;)
Glad you had a wonderful weekend!