Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The 2 Worst "S" Words...

Swimsuit shopping. 2 of the worst words in the English language. Nothing like a 3-way mirror, flourescent lighting and 59 non-fitting swimsuits to dampen the spirit. I had to do it this past Saturday, because of our upcoming day-trip to a nearby waterpark this coming Saturday. Brendan earned a free ticket from school, and it expires this Saturday, so we can't wait any longer. Before kids, I always wore a bikini, but now I need to wear a one-piece (at least for this season until I lose the remaining 20-ish pounds). It is amazing to me that it could possibly be so difficult to find a decent one-piece!!! Would it kill them to have some support, helloooo?! I went to Kohl's & JCPenney, and it took me trying on about 60 different suits before I could find one that my "girls" were not spilling out of or looking squishy or what have you. And I don't have huge ones, what do the rest of the women wear??? The rest of the suit would fit, but the top part was seriously lacking support. I remember seeing online that there were special D-cup suits, and so I looked all around for that, thinking those must have extra support cups or something, but no luck finding those. Now come on, there are LOTS of women with my D-cup size (and bigger), what do they know that I don't? There must be some secret I'm missing! lol After about swimsuit 49 of 60 I began thinking I was going to have to borrow some boob tape from Katherine to get a suit to work for me! lol
After way too long of searching in crowded loud stores (and those who have been around awhile know that I already don't like shopping and can't stand crowds), suit #59 actually fit me well on the top half, but the bottom part of the suit "legs" came down so low and resembled something an old-fashioned grandmotherly figure would have worn in the 50's or something. Not very flattering. But then it finally happened. Suit #60 was one that actually fit me everywhere, and that I wouldn't be too self-conscious wearing in public while I'm still losing the remaining 20-ish pounds. Whew! So here it is, only the one I have is black with brown, not purple. It was the only color combo they had, and at that point I was taking what I could get! When I got home and put it on for Joe to see, he liked it. Then he said, "So what are you going to do with that in a few months when it is too big for you?" I will happily get rid of it and go back to wearing cute bikinis, thank you very much! But for now, it will do for the waterpark this Saturday.

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Briana said...

LOL I hate shopping for those too. Luckily my old ones fit from 2 years ago from before baby #2. Yay! Glad you found one. Just think, if you got the purple people would notice you better. Brown blends in!