Tuesday, June 05, 2007

First Day Chaos

So our adventure this week was Brendan starting summer school. We had quite the day yesterday-we missed the bus because I had it in my mind that the bus came at 6:50, but it was actually 6:45 so we had just missed it (we got there at 6:47). So I had to drive him to the school. It wasn't at his school, it was at another school that is even further away (and in the opposite direction of my work too). We finally got there, but we were too early (because he would have been on the bus for along time while they pick everyone up). So, I had to stay and wait with him for about another 1/2 hour until the teachers were ready for kids to be there. Finally I was able to leave and rushed out to get in my car, only to find that I was blocked in by busses and cars of parents dropping kids off. So I sat waiting to back out for at least another full 5 minutes. Ended up at work an hour-1/2 late. Ugh!

Then, when I went to pick him up at the bus stop after summer school, the bus pulled up, all the kids got off and NO Brendan! As I'm walking up to the bus to ask the bus driver, she calls out to me that Brendan got off at the wrong stop and one of the teachers was driving him to this stop. So, the bus driver had dropped all of the kids off by then and she insisted on waiting with me until Brendan arrived. It took what seemed like forever, but he finally got there.

So far today has gone much smoother, he got on the bus no problem this morning, and he said he knows where to get off the bus now. lol I can see why it was confusing to him though, because during the regular school year the bus picks him up at our house and drops him off at our house, but for summer school there are just a few designated bus stops. So, I guess he just wasn't familiar enough with what his stop looked like yet.

This week cannot fly by fast enough. I can't wait until Friday. I'm off at noon on Friday to leave for the annual cabin scrapbooking weekend with my sister and our mom. Girls' weekend. No hubbies, no kids, just us 3, scrapbooking, food, drinks, and whatever the heck else we feel like. I cannot wait!


Shortie said...

OH gosh, I'm jealous! NOt of summer school but of the weekend :).

Briana said...

That's crazy he got off at the wrong stop! Hope things go better for you!

Shortie said...


Carolyn F said...

Time for an update... TAG!!! (Go see my latest post!)