Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Fun

(2 posts from me in the same day, can you believe it?! lol)

Father's Day was good. The boys and I gave Joe a new shop vac for his new garage (one you can hang on the wall so that it is off the floor), and one of THESE. I always get him a "fun" gift for Father's Day that he can use to play with the boys. (past years I've gotten radio-controlled airplanes, marshmallow shooters, etc). Since Joe likes fishing, and since I thought the boys would get a real kick out of the "rocket shooting" effect, I thought this would be a fun choice for this year. Joe didn't want to go out anywhere, he just wanted to have steak and ice cream, and us hang out as a family at home. So, that's what we did. We walked through our woods to the creek at the back of our property so they could try out the rocket fishing rod.

It was a cute and fun idea, and worked for awhile, but Brendan was too impatient to wait for a fish to bite. Joe ended up catching a little fish, which renewed Brendan's interest temporarily, but then the shooting mechanism wouldn't launch it anymore. But, it could still be cast like you would a regular fishing pole, so it was still usable.

While we were paying attention to the fishing pole, Adam had worked his way a little further down, and had proceeded to scoop up handfuls of wet dirt/sand and rub them into his hair. He had a whole head full of wet goopy stuff, and it was dripping down his face leaving dirty water marks all over his face and shirt.

And he was sitting in the muddy stuff too. Of course I grabbed the camera.

Then we played in the water for awhile and Joe and Brendan got in a splashing fight.

Adam wasn't too thrilled about being in the cold water, but we all had fun.

It was a good family day :)
How was everyone else's Fathers' Day celebrations?


Shortie said...

I'm so glad you're doing well. I've missed you.

MommyMommy said...

we did something siliar but drove 3 hours to get to the river. It looks like all your boys had fun.

Briana said...

Those boys were MESSY! Glad you always give him a fun toy to play with! Great idea!