Thursday, September 01, 2005

Catching Up

Wow, I really fell behind in posting on my blog! Here are some snippets of things that have been going on:

- Monday & Tuesday I was off work, and had every intention of cleaning/organizing the basement while the boys were at daycare. I did get a good start, but still have a ways to go! However I did take time to go through about 4 or 5 rubbermaid tubs of baby clothes, and get them all separated out into specific sizes. I pulled out all the 12-18 mos clothes & washed them & put them in Adam's dresser since he's wearing 12 mos now. Then I labeled the tubs and put them neatly on a shelf in the basement. So now there's a 24 mos/2T tub, a 3T tub, and a 4T tub. As he grows into those I can just grab the tub & wash them & he'll be all set. I also was able to list several auctions on ebay of clothes he's outgrown, and set aside others for an upcoming yard sale. So, I didn't get what I intended to do done, but I was productive!

- Monday morning Joe left for a week of work near Nebraska. He's been gone all week, so I've been playing the part of a single mom. It's actually not been bad this time. He'll be back tonight, time flew by really fast while he was gone.

- We have a mouse! Ugh! So, the day before yesterday I bought mouse traps. I tried to use the kind that is a plastic box with a one-way door, and put a cracker with peanut butter at the far end of the theory the mouse goes in to get the cracker, and then can't get out because the door doesn't swing out. Good theory, but this little sucker was too smart for that. When I got up yesterday morning & looked to see if it caught him, the trap was moved, cracker was gone and the box was on it's side with the door wide open! So, he had gone in, briefly got caught, but figured out how to flip the box on it's side so that he could get out the door. As I was examining this, I looked over and there he was just sitting there looking at me, like "na na na na boo boo!" LOL! Then he took off and I haven't seen him since! So much for trying to use a humane trap, now we're gonna set the kind that will snap him.

- On a sad note, I also found out that my mom's MS is getting worse. She was diagnosed with MS about 13 or so years ago, and has been lucky that it has been pretty mild. However, this past year things have been getting worse. Here's a blurb from an email I got from mom:
["Today I saw my neurologist, who said I'm now classified in the next level, the "secondary progressive" one, which basically means that it's getting worse, which I already knew. She's increasing a couple of my medicines, and adding a couple more, in hopes of slowing down its progress. One of those 2 new medicines has an increased chance of damaging my liver, so I have to get blood drawn once a month and see her every couple of months. Also, as long as I'm on it, I can't have any alcohol, not even wine. I'm also going to have another MRI, and see a physical therapist, who can show me some things I can do to make things easier to accomplish, hopefully saving a bit of energy."]

I feel helpless, as there's nothing I or anyone can really do to stop this from happening. It's sad to think of your mother deteriorating. I hope she doesn't get too much worse too quickly!

- My Box Project family that I sponsor lives in Mississippi, so I've been worried about them with Hurricane Katrina! I still haven't heard directly from them, but I heard from someone else that the town they live in was not hit too hard...they just had power outages and some tree limbs down. I'm still anxious to hear from them though, just to be sure!

Well, those are the main things that have gone on while I wasn't updating my blog recently!


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Carolyn F said...

Our mouse used to leave droppings for us in the humane trap! Sounds like you have the clothes under control -- I did a similar thing when I was pregnant w/Connor. I'm sure you are ready for Joe to come home!