Friday, September 30, 2005

Here it is, the end of another month! I'm actually glad it's over, September is my least favorite month. October is my favorite, so I'm happy! We do have a busy weekend and week ahead of us though. We're helping my mom caulk her basement Saturday. Well, okay, JOE is caulking her basement while Mom and I visit and watch the boys.

Then on Sunday I'm going to Croptoberfest! It's a scrapbooking event, 12 hours of scrapping time with no kids! WOOHOO!!! I can't wait.

Next week we have something every night except one. Joe's birthday is Monday and our Anniversary is Tuesday, so we're starting the week out celebrating! Followed by several other things next week...including taking Brendan to see Dragon Tales Live! Just Mommy & Brendan. It's part of his birthday gift (early). I'm looking forward to having him out just the two of us. Sometimes I feel like I can't give him enough attention when Adam is around, so it will be nice to do something just for him.

I hope I can find time to clean the house Saturday night after Mom's. I just have not been able to keep caught up lately.

The weather has been so much nicer this week! Went from 90's last week to 70's this week...I love 70's! The mornings have been chilly, so I've pulled out the boys fall clothes. Adam started wearing little tennis shoes this week. He looks so big in "big boy" shoes! Over the summer we left him barefoot, and we were trying to leave him barefoot until he started walking but the weather cooled off before he started walking. Although he did take his first step a week or so ago. But his tennis shoes are so cute...white with Winnie the Pooh. He's growing so fast. He's started trying to say Brendan's name now. He can't say Brendan but he calls him "nin nin". It's so cute. He loves to crawl into "nin nin's" room and play with the big kid toys instead of his baby toys.

I've also been eating really healthy this week. Hoping to make that a habit. I'm following the menu for Dr. Phil's 14-day fast start. I just needed some ideas of what to eat and not eat and recipe examples of healthy food. I'm not really fat, but I do have a little baby fat left to lose. Mostly I just want to be HEALTHY and look better. I also haven't had any soda this week at all. That just kinda came along naturally without me even trying this time. With all the fruits and veggies I've been eating, I just didn't have any desire for soda anymore. Soda doesn't go well with fruit especially! Too much acid! So I've been drinking water, and when that gets boring I grab a no-calorie flavored water. Still have my sugar-free Red Bull some mornings, but that's not soda. I've lost 2 lbs in the last 4 days. Yea! The dinners have been pretty good too! And I have felt more full than when I wasn't eating as healthy. Eating more, feeling full, and losing weight. Go figure.

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Carolyn F said...

WTG on those healthy habits -- rub off on me, will ya?