Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sad news :(

Unfortunately I have received some sad news from my Box Project family (in MS) that I sponsor. She has 2 girls, and back in May she had had a baby boy born prematurely at 24 or 25 weeks. Well, now after 5 months of life, he died on Sept 21. I just got a letter yesterday letting me know.
Awhile ago they took him off the ventilator and put in a trach (sp?), and she (the mom) had gone to a training session at the hospital to learn how to take care of all of his needs, and such, in preparation of him finally coming home, but he had not been released from the hospital just yet. Then he got really sick. She said she had a really overwhelmingly bad feeling for about a week that wouldn't go away. (and this is unusual for her, as she has had a very positive outlook through everything else he's been through so far). She said at first when she had that bad feeling that she prayed and begged for God to spare her child, but when the feeling kept coming back she realized that this was God's way of warning her of what was to come, and so she changed her prayers to asking for whatever was God's will and to "just give me strength to handle it and to be strong for my kids and allow me to accept His will without guilt, anger or regrets". As soon as she came to accept that, she called the hospital and asked to have the minister baptize him, and they did. Then later that very same evening, the hospital called to say that her son had died. So sad.

I feel helpless. There are no words to say that will do any good, I know. I'm sending a sympathy card today anyway though. At least she will know I'm thinking about her & the girls. I had a big box of baby clothes from my boys ready to send her when her baby came home from the hospital. Since she has 2 girls, I knew she didn't have any baby boy clothes. I'm so glad I had not sent it yet, as that would have been hard for her to have to do something with them when he died. I knew he was going to have huge obstacles to overcome in order to make it, but gosh after living for 5 months I thought he was going to make it! She has miscarried a couple/few boys previous to this too. She was so happy to finally have a baby boy that made it to birth, and now she's grieving another loss. *sigh*

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