Friday, October 21, 2005

Catching up again

We've actually been pretty busy these last several days. Last Saturday we took the boys to get pumpkins and apples at a nearby farm. See a couple pics here. Wouldn't ya know it, Brendan picked the smallest, ugliest pumpkin in the whole patch! LOL That's fine, whatever he wants. We also got 2 larger pumpkins for the porch.

Sunday we went to my step-grandfather's 80th b-day party. After that we were...are you ready for this...KID-FREE FOR 2 DAYS!!! My dad & his wife watched the boys from Sunday night until Tuesday night, and Joe & I took off work Mon & Tues! We tried to get a lot done around the house, but of course as usual I didn't get nearly as much done as I'd hoped. But, we also went out Sunday night for hot wings & beer, and then Monday we went to a movie, Just Like Heaven (it was good!), and then to a place called Grindstone Brewery for their Monday Night buffet w/ crab legs special. Overall, it was a nice break. I wish I could have had one more day though. lol

Now we're in full-swing of the boys' birthdays & party planning. We've decided to do their party at the bowling alley. They offer a fun birthday package of 1 hour bowling (with bumpers) and 1 hour party in the room, all the kids meals are included, and the birthday boy gets a real bowling pin that says Happy Birthday and all the guests can sign it with a permanent marker. They also include invitations, thank you notes, goody bags, all plates, napkins, cups, etc. Pretty good deal, for $9.95 per child. Brendan is excited. We put invitations in the cubbies of all his friends in his preschool class yesterday, and we already have one child coming. We also sent invitations to family and our friends that have kids around Brendan's age. I'm not expecting a lot of people to actually go, but as long as a few kids come, it should be fun!

Adam's 1st birthday is next Wednesday! Even though the party will be for Adam too, we're going to have some cake for him at home on his actual b-day.

And Halloween comes in there too. Brendan is so excited to be the black Power Ranger this year. Adam will be a frog.

Well, after being off for Mon & Tues, I'm swamped here at work, so I better get off the computer & get back to work!

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