Tuesday, October 04, 2005

In Crableg Heaven!

Well, on a lighter note than my last posting...

Last night Joe & I had our date night. It was Joe's birthday, (and our Anniversary is today). We went to a restaurant called Grindstone Brewery, and boy were we pleasantly surprised to see they had a small buffet set up with crablegs on it! We LOVE crablegs! Even better, the cost was only $5.95 for all-you-can-eat buffet! Holy cow! That is soooooooooo cheap for crablegs!!! We jumped at that. There were also other items such as hot wings, cheese sticks, chili, chips & sauce, and more on the buffet too. They put it out on Monday nights as a Monday Night Football special. We felt like we had won the lottery! LOL I still can't believe that's all they charge for that. We also enjoyed the home-brewed beers they have there.

Tonight for our Anniversary, we actually had already bought some crablegs and had them waiting in the freezer! We didn't know we would have crablegs last night too! lol So, Joe is picking up some steaks and champaigne, and we'll have that with a side of crablegs for dinner tonight! We'll still have the boys there with us of course, but we figured we shouldn't get a babysitter two nights in a row. We also got home too late (and we were too full) to eat Joe's birthday cake last night, so we will have that for dessert tonight. Brendan is really excited about getting to eat Daddy's birthday cake! heehee

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Carolyn F said...

Happy Birthday to Joe, and Happy Anniversary to you!