Friday, September 09, 2005

It's Friday again?!

Wow, this week flew by! Can't believe it's Friday again already! I've already forgotten what we did last weekend. lol On Monday (Labor Day) we went to Joe's parent's house to celebrate my MIL's birthday. All Joe's siblings were there too. We had a good time. Some friends of ours were having a get-together for Labor Day, and since they live just a couple minutes away from Joe's parent's house, we went by there afterwards. All our friends there were surprised to see us, since we live about 2 hours away and they didn't know we were in town. We had fun there too. We got home late Monday night, and then back to work on Tuesday morning.

About a month ago, Joe & I decided to set up a regular date night. One night a week is too much, we can't afford a babysitter that often, so we decided to make it once a month- the first Monday of every month. We picked Monday because we hate crowds, so we wanted to avoid the weekends. So, with last Monday being a holiday, we post-poned until the 2nd Monday for September...which is this coming Monday! We're both looking forward to going out without the kids. And our regular babysitter has agreed to always babysit the 1st Monday of each month for us, so we already have her lined up for these. We're going to go see a movie this time, I think. Either Wedding Crashers or The 40-year-old Virgin. We both want something funny.

Things at work have suddenly gotten a little hectic. We have our annual Heritage Festival next weekend, and I'll have to work 11 hour shifts both Sat & Sun that weekend, yuck! Also, one of my co-workers that is a key part of the festival set-up and such, just found out that her grandpa died, and she will be in California all next week, getting back the night before the festival. So, we're trying to fill-in for her as best as we can with all the preparations next week. September is always my least favorite month of the year because of this festival. I'll be glad when it's over.

Oh! Adam has started standing on his own now. He has stood there without holding on to anything about 10 times in the last couple days. We cheer for him every time. A couple times when we started cheering we startled him and he fell. LOL! I haven't gotten a picture of it yet, but hopefully I can have the camera ready when he does it soon.

Other than that, not a lot to write about today.

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Carolyn F said...

How cool is that, both about Adam standing and the monthly date. We do that sometimes, time away from the kids HELPS!