Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday Rumblings

Joe made it home safely from Nebraska last night. (he's been there all week for work). I felt bad for him...he was anxious to see the boys, and Brendan barely looked up from his movie to say "Hi Daddy" and Adam would not go to him, he wanted Mommy.

While Joe was gone, the electric company came out & talked to me, and pointed out 3 trees that were in the way of the power lines and said they needed to take out the trees. I was surprised that they wouldn't just trim the limbs, but since it was only 3 trees (and we have hundreds of trees on our property) I said okay if they had to. So yesterday I get home from work and wow, it looked different! They cleared way more than just 3 trees! Joe wasn't too happy either. But, we figured it was done, nothing to do about it now. Well, then Joe happened to go home early today and he couldn't even get up to our house because there were guys there with their big trucks taking down MORE trees!!! Joe about threw a fit. He was almost in tears telling me about it, because he was so mad. We understand that the trees cannot be causing problems for our electricity (& others nearby), but our poor trees! Apparently they said there can't be trees within 15 feet of either side of the power lines. That's a lot! (we have a VERY long driveway leading up to our house, and the power lines run along the whole length of our driveway on one side, so that's a lot of trees!) So I'm not looking forward to seeing it when I get home tonight. You use to not be able to see our house from the road, and now Joe said you can see straight up all the way up our driveway and the house no problem. (We liked being hidden! lol) *sigh* What a bummer. Joe called the electric company, and the guy said, "really it's our fault because we let you get used to having all those trees." Gee, thanks :P

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Carolyn F said...

Oh Courtney, I'm so sorry -- they should have at least been up front about how many they were going to take down.