Thursday, September 15, 2005

Our babysitter is TOO good! LOL

Well, for our date night this past Monday we went to see "Wedding Crashers". It was pretty funny. We decided to keep it short and just do the movie & then go home. Brendan was so excited that Mary was going to be watching him that night. He absolutely LOVES the babysitter. He cries every time she leaves. Brendan cried when she left this time too. Not just a little cry- he was screaming crying and carrying on uncontrollably for about 20 minutes straight! And of course, all that noise woke Adam up too. So, we ended up having to redo all the bedtime stuff and get the boys settled back down and into bed again. So that was not fun. Even the morning after, Brendan was really grouchy and he said "I miss Mary". Really he has been a brat all week ever since she left. I'm so glad we have a great babysitter that he loves, but I'm kinda wishing he liked her a little less so he wouldn't have a meltdown every time she leaves! lol

Brendan also got "written up" at his daycare twice this week so far. First for something I didn't expect...they said that on the playground he pulled down his pants and stuck his bare butt in another kid's face! OMG! On one hand I had to laugh when I read that, but I was also a little embarrassed that *my* kid did that. LOL The other thing he got in trouble for was for copying another kid, and the kid & teacher asked him to stop and he didn't, so they sent him up to the front office, and he yelled at the teacher said she was bad and stuck out his tongue. Ugh!

At home he has stopped doing his regular morning jobs without a fight this week (making his bed, getting dressed, and feeding the cat). When we tell him to do something he just whines and says "I don't know how". It's so frustrating. We hate to yell at him for every little thing, but he just is not doing what we tell him to. We asked nice, we told him nice, we told him sternly, we yelled, we gave spankings, we took away toys, nothing worked. He just whined and yelled that he "didn't know how". Ugh! I tried making a race out of it this morning, told him to see if he could make his bed before I got done putting on my socks & shoes and then said "Ready, Set, GO!" (he loves to try to beat us at things, so I thought that might work). He smiled, like he thought it was funny, but then he said "That's okay, I don't want to beat you right now." LOL So much for that "brilliant" idea.

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