Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Time marches on

Wow, I never cease to be amazed at how fast time flies by! Here we are the last week of September already, and Adam is 11 months old!!! Time to start thinking about his 1st birthday party already. And Brendan will turn 5 two weeks after Adam turns 1. We've decided to do just one party for them both together. That way the family won't have to drive in twice so close together. Brendan is insisting on a Power Rangers birthday party. Yesterday I bought the plates and such...half of the plates are Power Rangers and half of them are Baby Sesame Street 1st Birthday plates. LOL What a combination!

Brendan is also insisting that he wants to be a Power Ranger for Halloween. At first he really wanted the white Power Ranger, but those are kinda hard to find! I showed him a website with all sorts of Power Ranger costumes, and he decided that the black one was cool and that's what he wanted. So, I found it on ebay for a little less, and we're waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Every day he asks me if his costume is here yet.

This past weekend my sister & I got together again to do a 2-family yard sale AGAIN. It is such a pain and hassle every time. We pretty much decided we're not doing those anymore. I'd rather sell stuff on ebay and give stuff away than do yard sales. Then on Sunday we got together with some of the people in the moms group I'm in for a fall picnic. That was kinda fun. All the kids played together on the playground. Brendan enjoyed it. Towards the end, Brendan needed to go potty, so he went into the men's bathroom by the shelter. After a few minutes, Joe went in to check on him, only to find Brendan SITTING on the URINAL, and yes, he had pooped in it. Leave it to MY son to do that! LOL *sigh*

Well, my lunch break is over now, I better end this & get back to work!

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