Friday, January 04, 2008

2007 Goal Results

Looking back, here's what I had set as goals for this past year, and how I did...

1) To lose 15-20 lbs and eat healthier in general
YES!!! I lost 24 lbs between May and December.

2) Continue to declutter and organize the house
Ummm, this is a forever on-going thing that I still do not have a handle on.

3) Get our basement remodeling done & everything moved into the new rooms once they are built
NO! The garage is basically done, but we have yet to even start onthe basement remodel. *sigh* This will be on the 2008 list again.

4) Make menu planning a habit (and other FLYlady routines too)
Sorta, I am better about menu planning than I was, but still go through phases of not doing it.

5) Find a church and start attending
No, can't say this happened :(

6) Scrapbooking goal: finish the 2006 album, and try to keep up with2007 as it happens.
YES!! I did finish the 2006 album, and I did stay fairly caught upwith 2007, sorta, I think I'm on fall 2007 now.

7) Think of something really fun to do for my b-day in March, since hubby decided to cancel our Texas trip that we were going to take that week!
KINDA did this, we ended up taking the boys to Silver Dollar City inBranson for part of that week.

So, I didn't do too bad with 2007 goals. Now on to 2008. This year my focus is going to be on all kinds of ORGANIZATION!!! I will post more details later.


Carolyn F said...

I'm proud of you for accomplishing so much on your list!

Shortie said...

You did good. MUWAH!!!