Thursday, January 17, 2008

X-Box at 4:50am

Is it normal for a 3-year-old to get up at 4:50am asking to play the X-Box? Cuz that is what happened this morning. As soon as I got up, here comes Adam running out of his room asking to play the X-Box. Perhaps we have overdone the video games with the boys. lol They are obsessed with it. Joe's sister and brother-in-law gave them their X-Box for Christmas, along with a lot of games. Between that, the computer games, Brendan's Gameboy Advance SP and Adam's Leapster, plus the V.Smile in their room, I'd say we have more than our fill of video game options now. Although it's hard to tell them not to play it, when their daddy can sit for hours playing Spider Solitaire and Bookworm Adventures on the computer. *sigh* Okay, okay, yes I have been known to play the occassional Bejeweled 2 marathon now and then too, but not for very long or very often.

I still haven't had a chance to break out my new Dance, Dance Revolution & dance pad for the X-Box yet. I'm hoping this will be a fun way to get some more exercise in. Bet you didn't know I was a dancer, huh? I'm not, not really. I did use to dance on the poms squad in high school, and I even tried out for and made an All-Star Dance Team and performed at half-time of one of the bowl games, but that was about 15 years ago. I've done little or no dancing since then, except for when I've had a lot to drink at wedding receptions and such. lol So, it should be interesting to see if I can even begin to keep up.

Speaking of drinking, lol, I actually got to kinda go out last Friday night. We met for drinks for a co-worker's retirement, and a lot of our department showed up. A few of us stayed for quite awhile, and ended up going over to another local place that is kind-of like Hooters, only not as classy. lol We had more drinks there and hung out. It was fun. I almost never get to do things like this anymore, it was a nice little break from the usual evening routine of dishes, laundry, making dinner, getting the boys ready for bed, cleaning up after the boys and hubby, etc. And I got to know a few co-workers better, so that's kinda nice too.

Tonight is a crazy night, have to be 3 different places at once, still haven't quite figured out how exactly to pull that off, but I'm working on it. Saturday is a crazy one too, basketball game, scouts event, and temps are supposed to be in the low teens. Did I mention the scout event is OUTSIDE and goes for 3 HOURS?! Ugh!

But oh how I'm looking forward to Monday. I am off work. Joe is off work. Brendan has school (snow make up day) and Adam has preschool. WOOHOO!!! This means several hours with no children at home that we can actually get some things done! I am super excited about this.


Uisce said...

those three-places-at-once days -- I know them well, but they're not as bad now that one of mine can drive -- not that this is anything to wish for, mind you! :/

Veronika said...

How are you going to pull that off? Hope you stay warm today!