Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rainy Thursday Blahs

Not a lot for me to write about today. We haven't done much more on the organizing front yet this week. I'm waiting for dh to finish building shelving in the garage so that we can move the rest of his stuff out of the basement. The area we are building the new laundry room is filled with all sorts of his stuff that needs to be out first.

Tonight Brendan has Tae Kwon Do, so I won't get much if anything done at home tonight. Friday we're meeting for drinks after work with a guy that is retiring from our department, that will be nice, I almost never get to do stuff like that anymore. After that I'll go home and have pizza and movie with the family (our Friday night tradition). I believe Nanny McPhee is the kid movie on it's way to us this week (we do the thing). I really didn't want to see this movie, and was not planning to put it in our Queue, but then I heard from so many other moms that their kids loved it. I decided maybe the boys would like it too, so I added it. I really have no desire to see it though. lol

Sunday I'm going to my sister's January Jumpstart scrapbooking crop. I really don't have anything ready for that, haven't even looked at my stuff for a few months.

Just feeling kinda blah today. There's so much that needs to be done around the house, and things I'd like to improve on, and so little time. We're also in the process of packing stuff up at work, as our offices are moving at the end of the month. When I'm at home I think about everything that needs to be done at work. When I'm at work I think about everything that needs to be done at home. lol It's so cold and rainy today, I just want to wrap up in a big fuzzy warm blanket and take a nap. Don't think my boss would allow that though. lol

Off to get more done...


Veronika said...

It's important to allow yourself to 'chill' sometimes. Think of all of your accomplishments already! It warms my heart to read about parents having family traditions where they spend quality time as a family.

Uisce said...

we're having a rainy Friday here. I wish I could move my office. too many scuff marks and pushpin holes. LOL, I really shouldn't care about that, should I? pizza sounds good, but wifey is avoiding wheat, so I think we're going to have fish tonight. ::fingers-crossed:: :)