Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Survived

Whew! I survived last Thursday's being at 3 places at one time, and the busy Saturday. Thursday I ended up having Joe go one of the places I needed to be, then I had one of my part-time employees meet me at another place and I gave her instructions of what to do and the key to lock up. Then I rushed over to the third place. So, it all worked out.

Saturday was Brendan's 1st basketball game. Poor kid, he was so excited but once he got out there I think he realized that he had no clue what he was supposed to do. Too busy being silly at practices to really grasp an understanding of how to play an actual game. He did okay though. I don't think anyone expects a 1st grade team to play very well anyway. He kept sticking his hands in his pockets, which was the most frustrating part. How can you be ready for the ball if your hands are in your pockets. Never again will we take him to a game wearing pants or shorts with pockets! Although, now I'm worried that without pockets his hands will be down his pants instead! lol They were cute though. They don't keep official score with the 1st grade teams, but we're sure his team won 3-2 (although the coaches tell them they tied).

Here's a pic of Brendan trying to make a basket (he's the blur shooting the ball). He missed that one, but at practice he is able to make baskets a lot.

At one point, Brendan was upset that he wasn't playing so well, and Adam saw that he was upset and went over to him and gave him a hug. It was so sweet. I'm so glad I was behind them with the camera handy!

Later that day Brendan had a scout event, a rocket derby of some sort. I thought this was going to be outside, but I was wrong (thank goodness!). They had given us the rocket a few weeks ago. We thought it was just a little kit to put together real quick, we hadn't even opened the box. Come to find out it was just a block of wood and we were supposed to sand in down into the shape of a rocket and put the propeller and wings on, paint it, etc. Whoops! So, while others had been working on theirs for a long time, we started the night before. Joe got it sanded down into the right shape. And Brendan painted it...about an hour before he had to be there! Talk about last minute. It still looked fine though, and he got 2nd place in his heat.

We're still busy packing and moving our offices and such. The guys that have been helping us move the big stuff have been awesome. We are so thankful to have their help. It's also been fun having them around. We should be completely moved by the end of next week. Then the unpacking and trying to work out all the kinks of being in a new location begins.

I'm not complaining though, my office will now be only a block from where Adam goes to preschool. A BLOCK! I can walk there if I want. And the park that Brendan goes to day camp at over the summer is ACROSS THE STREET from my new office location. So this summer both boys will be within close walking distance to my office. Doesn't get any more convenient than that! And lucky Joe, he won't have to take or pick up either boy anymore.

More later on basement progress and such...


Veronika said...

Wow! It all worked out well. Your boys are so cute!

Melzie said...

That's most awesome about how close you'll be!! YAY!

Basketball.. Nathan stinks at it, which makes *ME* sad, because I love BB! :)