Thursday, July 17, 2008

Headed Off for Scrapland

Yes, this weekend is the annual scrapping weekend at a cabin with my sister and our mom. I haven't done any pages in sooo long. I hope I remember how! lol I've got about half of my stuff packed, will have to do the rest tonight. Friday I work a half-day and then head to my sister's house so we can ride together to the cabin. We'll meet our mom there since she lives the opposite direction. Then we'll spend from Friday late afternoon until Monday morning scrapping, laughing, eating and drinking. Woohoo! Oh, and a little sleeping too, but not much. We go to the same cabin place every is a place that is really more for people fishing I suppose, and I think the guys that work there think we are a little nuts each year, but oh well. We have fun!

"See" you when I return.

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The Hoyt's said...

Oh how fun.. I miss those..Me and my sister in law used to hit the big scrap conventions in SLC once a year and make a girls night out of it.. fun times..