Friday, July 11, 2008

Not much to say

Well, not much to write about since we've returned from vacation. We had a nice 4th, mom, her bf, my sister, her hubby and their boys all came over to our place the evening of the 4th. Mom's boyfriend brought BBQ for everyone and we made desserts. Then we all shot off fireworks on our property. The boys love fireworks (so do I).

This week has been a blur. Some serious stuff going on at work, I'm not even gonna talk about all that. Things at home have been fine. We've been trying to carpool most days now to cut back on gas expenses. Brendan has been having fun at day camp. Adam is having fun at daycare. Brendan is about to drive me crazy with his Yu-Gi-Oh card obsession. He is constantly talking about those cards. lol During summer school it was the Pokemon cards, now it's all about the Yu-Gi-Oh ones. I should probably make an effort to learn about them so that I know what the heck he is rambling on about...right now it is just mumble jumble noise to me when he goes on and on about it. lol

Not a whole lot going on this weekend...well, aside from the usual housework and such that is. Sunday I'm going to part of a crop. Next weekend, though, is the annual trip w/ mom and sis for scrapbooking all weekend at a cabin. I've been burned out on scrapbooking lately and have done basically nothing with it for about 6 months or so, but I am looking forward to our weekend trip next weekend :)

Well, don't want to bore anyone to tears, so I'll end this post. Just felt like I should post SOMETHING since I haven't been very "talkative" since returning from vacation. (If you missed our vacation photos, scroll down a couple posts).

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Peggy said...

Awww, man!! We just got rid of a shoe box of Yu-Gi-Oh cards! I would have mailed them to you. I think we sold them at a yard sale. All I know is they are gone. :(

Um, you are going to a CABIN to SCRAPBOOK all weekend?!?!?!?!
I am ENVY OUS! I have done very little scrapping since my twins were born. Now I have to scrap an entire year of their life! I think I should go to a cabin. LOL