Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TV & Movie blabbing

Okay, well since no one seems to like my question in the previous grocery post (LOL), here's another question for you. Anyone seen the latest X-Files movie yet? I saw it Saturday. I thought it was pretty good. Since we do not have cable or dish or anything, it has been a long time since I've seen the X-Files tv show. But, in my opinion, I think Scully looks even prettier now that she's a little older.

Anyone watch Last Comic Standing? Any thoughts on who you want to win yet? I think all of the finalists left now are pretty good, except for Sean Cullen. I'm sorry, but that man is just goofy, stupid and annoying. Parts of his little songs are somewhat clever I guess, and his voice is decent I suppose, but where's the stand-up comedy in his act? It's just 90% singing. I prefer all of the others. Just my opinion.

Apparently there's not too much excitement going on in my life right now, since I'm talking about Last Comic Standing and X-Files, huh? LOL Okay, just call me lame, I know I know.

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