Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Boys! Gotta Love 'Em...Cuz You're Not Allowed to Strangle Them!

OMG. Earlier this week I noticed a few of Brendan's Game Boy games in the bottom of his backpack. I thought this was weird, since he lost his Game Boy at a hotel back in May and he isn't getting it replaced until his birthday. I asked him why he had brought games in his backpack (thinking he was going to say that he was playing his games on the other kids' Game Boys on the bus- as he has sometimes done in the past). Unfortunately those were not the words that he said.

B: "So I can trade them."

Me: "Trade your games? Trade them for what?"

B: "Pokemon cards"

Me: "WHAT?! You traded Game Boy games for POKEMON CARDS?!"

B: "Yes. I don't have a Game Boy to play them on anyway."

Me: "Brendan! How many did you trade?! Where are the rest of your games? Please tell me you did not trade ALL of the rest of them?!"

B: "No. I don't know."

Me: "Tell me the truth"

B: "Yes."

Me: "How many- how many games are gone?"

B: "Six"

Me: "SIX?! How many Pokemon cards did you trade them for?"

B: "Four"

OMG! I was so mad. I tried to explain to him that six Game Boy Games cost around $100, while four Pokemon cards cost about $1.00 and very sternly told him he is NOT to trade Game Boy Games or anything else for Pokemon cards. And I told him he needs to return the Pokemon cards and ask the boy for his games back. I just hope the boy will be a good person about this and do it. So far he has "forgotten" to bring them back to Brendan the last 2 days. *sigh*

And I thought what Brendan did was pretty bad...until I found out what Adam did this morning. Apparently sometime after I left for work this morning, Adam got a hold of one of Brendan's crystal rocks, and threw it at Brendan. Only, Brendan moved, so he missed. And the crystal rock hit the glass panel window by the glass door instead. Shattered into a million little pieces. This is no small window, this is a window panel about 5 ft tall! The entire thing is completely shattered. The pictures don't really do it justice, but here's an idea of the damage:



Peggy said...

Breathe Courtney, breathe.
OMG I would have been SO MAD also!
I sure hope that kid gives your son his games back. If he does not, maybe you can get his mom's email from a list at school? OR some how get a note to her through the school? And the window - eeek. This is all boy stuff for sure! LOL I thought I was having issues with my Zach - he went to a friend's house to play for a couple of hours, and turns out there wasn't an adult in the house? That upset me. Then the same friend was here playing video games in the basement and he took it upon himself to move our furniture to be closer to the tv! I told Zach that HE is responsible for his friends' actions :)

Melzie said...

Gosh... both these stories sound VERY familiar. :) Sad thing... Nathan still tries to trade, and I still make his life unbearable by forcing him to give it back. The glass window... well... ours was a baseball that he thought would bounce back to him. We had to discuss the difference between school bounce balls and ours. :)
You'll laugh later, promise.

The Hoyt's said...

Oh my gosh I would have been fuming too.. This so sounds like my house!!!!