Monday, September 15, 2008

Flash Floods and Flood Insurance Headaches!

We don't live anywhere near where Ike hit, however, we did receive lots of rain this weekend due to leftovers of Ike, causing some flash flooding in the area...

This is normally a field with cows. It was completely under water and looked like a lake, not a field.

This is one of the roads we usually drive on to get out. Looked like a waterfall going across the street and down the hill into the field.

This was our little creek on our property, it is normally ankle deep, and sometimes dried up with little to no looked more like a river this weekend. But still NO WHERE NEAR our house which is on the other end of our property and way up on a cliff about 25-30ft higher. Have I complained on here about the whole flood insurance issue we are dealing with? I can't remember. The bank is trying to say we have to get a huge amount of flood insurance, and it would raise our house payment almost $200 per month!!! When we bought the house it was not considered in the flood zone, but after Katrina, FEMA apparently redrew some lines and suddenly we are considered in the flood zone. Any idiot can look at our house and property and know that there is no way we would ever flood from the creek. During the Great Flood of '93 and everything before and since it in no way shape or form came even close to having water near it. It is ridiculous to have to pay that outrageous amount for flood insurance when we will NOT flood. Ugh! It is very aggravating. It has been a long process of arguing with the bank, etc, but to make a long story shorter, right now we are trying to fill out the LOMA form for FEMA to try to get things taken care of. It is so unfair that we have to have the burden and expense of proving something that is so obviously clear.

Anyway, there's a lot more to that story, lots of things we've tried and conversations had with the bank and FEMA, etc, but that's the basics of it. It is very frustrating. And we certainly cannot afford to pay that much more per month. *sigh*


Peggy said...

Oh no!! I hope that works out for you. That's a lot of $$ to pay a month!

The Hoyt's said...

Oh I hate dealing with those kind of people.. Keep your chin up.. Hope it all works out.. I'm glad you were not affected to bad by the hurricane..


wow, i didn't realize you have been getting that much water!