Friday, March 31, 2006

Calendar is filling up and curls are officially gone

Wow, my April and May calendars are filling up quick. So many things coming up, appointments, etc. I called the Elementary school that Brendan will be going to a couple weeks ago and talked to the secretary. Found out that there are all sorts of things he is supposed to go to in April/May. Good thing I called! Since he is my oldest and the first to enter school, they had no idea we existed. So, today the P.A.T. rep for our area called me at work and got me all set up on their mailing list and such so we will receive notices about these things, and she is forwarding Brendan's name on to the Kindergarten teacher. So now "Meet the Teacher" night, Kindergarten screening, Kindergarten registration, Literacy night event, and our first Parents as Teachers visit have all been added to my calendar now too, in addition to all the other stuff I have coming up. We also have plans every weekend between now and Memorial Day. (and most of the weekends in June, July and August already too! Yikes!)

I need to get a move on and go pick up the boys from daycare. Then I need to make 2 dishes to bring to Granny's party for tomorrow, watch for end of this week's Scrapping Survivor challenge and do whatever crazy immunity challenge Melissa dreams up for us (love ya girl!), do laundry, clean up the house some, and do our taxes sometime this weekend too. No, we haven't done our taxes yet. We have procrastinated. Not sure why, as we will hopefully be getting money back! But, who knows, we did actually have to pay one year, so we could potentially be in for a sad surprise this year too.

Last night I finally attempted to cut Adam's hair! It had gotten so long in the back (cute little curls, but starting to look way too girly for a toddler boy! lol). I had to do it while he was taking a bath, it was the only way he was distracted enough to not try to look at and grab the scissors. So, while he splashed and played, I straddled the tub, trying not to fall in, while I cut the back of his hair. It was a funny site to see, I'm sure! But it's done, and now I don't have to wonder if people are quietly wondering if he is a boy or girl anymore. heehee. (although my mom says that Adam is so masculine looking that we could put a frilly dress on him and people would still not mistake him for a girl. I'm not willing to test that theory though! lol)

Oh well, I really need to get out of the office and go get the little ones now. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


FrogLegs said...

Welcome to the school life!! I swear Nathan has almost as many appts as I do! :) But it's very much worth it. LOL! Challenge ends in a couple more hours. *grin*

Carolyn F said...

Yep, school will keep you BUSY. Wait until you add homework to that calendar!

Kimmy said...

Well... it started. The headaches of elementary school. You might as well consider your calendar full for the next several years!

Have fun at Granny's 90th b-day party!