Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Feeling better, and EXCITED even!

Thanks for the nice comments. I am feeling better now. Luckily the funk only lasted a day or two this time :) I've even suggested to hubby that we take the boys on a weekend getaway to a city about 2 hours from here where they have a fun amusement park with Camp Snoopy inside for the little ones. I think the boys would love that! And I would love for us all to have some fun family time together too. We haven't done much lately together, except the normal daily grind type stuff. I thought just a weekend away that is fairly close by would not be asking too much. And when I mentioned it to Joe, I about fell over when I didn't get the usual "lecture" and negative response about all the reasons why we shouldn't do that, blah, blah, blah crap that he usually goes through any time I want to go somewhere. He didn't do it! I'm so proud of him! So, we will be doing that in about a month or so. Wish we could go NOW, but we have several obligations to fulfill the next several weekends first. I'm so excited! I know the boys will have a blast!!! And it will feel so good to get out of the house and just have FUN.

(By the way, I can't believe I forgot to put up my Wordless Wednesday today! Now it's so late in the day I'll just skip it)

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FrogLegs said...

YAY!! A fun weekend away! That will be great-- for all involved! As for no WW for you-- I was worried you were still in yoru funk... but I saw you'd done teh survivor thing.. so... I thought I wouldn't nag you. :) Yay that it's passed! Hey, you should come visit me in 2 weekends-- you should. ;)