Sunday, March 26, 2006

My addiction

Yes, I admit it, I am addicted to Mountain Dew. I love that stuff. It is pretty much the only soda I drink. I can't stand Coke or Pepsi or any colas, but man I love Mountain Dew. (and NOT Diet Mt. Dew- that stuff is nasty). I know it is really bad for me, and I keep intending to quit drinking soda all together, but, well, key word there is intending. Yes, I have read about the negative effects soda has on the body and mind. Yes I know it has 12.5 tablespoons of sugar per can (yikes!). Yes, I know I would feel better and probably lose the last 20 lbs after having 2 kids if I would quit drinking it. But somehow, I'm still drinking it. Why is this? Why can't I seem to make it through a day without at least 1 can of Mountain Dew? And really, I usually do only have 1 can a day, sometimes 2, but never more than that. I use to not drink any soda at all. I went for 2 years without a drop of soda when I was in high'd think that now I'm an adult and more mature that I could do even better than that, but that hasn't been the case. Every night I tell myself, okay, I have to stop drinking it. And every day there I am drinking it. I must quit this! No, I'm not quite as bad as THIS person, lol, but still. My next plan of attack is to try to go down to those little half cans that they sell now. Allow myself only 1 of those instead of a full can. Then, once I've mastered that, go to none. Don't know if it will work, but I will once again try to kick my Mountain Dew addiction. *sigh* I'm hoping that by posting about it, that I will feel more accountable if I know I have all you people out there "watching" me. LOL


Katherine said...

Oh, good luck! I know you're going to hate me but...I have never in my life had Mountain Dew or any soft drink. I'm one of those weirdos who don't like anything carbonated, so no soft drinks, beer or champagne! Kids made fun of me BIG TIME growing up - whose laughing now, ha! Seriously, good luck to you because as far as I know YOU never made fun of me, lol

FrogLegs said...

Good luck!! :) I quit drinking soda when I lost all that weight 2 years ago-- it was hard, but you know what? It's hard for me to drink it now-- way too sweet for me. You can do it!!!

scrapperbo said...

Good for you!! I wish you luck, I am a dew addict too!!!