Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My 4-day Weekend Report :)

I’m back in blogland after my 4-day birthday weekend. I had a good time! Thanks so much to all of you for all the nice birthday wishes and comments you left for me!!!! (Melissa and Laura even featured me on their blog entries, how fun is that?! Thanks!) For anyone that is interested, here’s how the weekend went:

Saturday: Was the "surprise" party for me in the city we use to live in. It was funny to watch Joe try to keep things a secret, seeing as I knew, but he didn't know that I knew. He did pretty good, although kept checking his watch the whole drive, and commenting on we might be a little late. We got to the restaurant, and walked to the back room where everyone shouted "Happy Birthday" when I walked in. I smiled and said Thank You and didn’t act shocked, but tried not to look too unsurprised either. My family and Joe’s family were both there, as well as a few of our friends. Unfortunately a lot of the friends couldn’t make it. One of my friends from high school that I still keep in touch with but who now lives on the complete opposite side of the state was there- she drove all that way to come! There were about 35 people there total. We had a nice lunch get-together. Joe and I both used to work at this restaurant about 14 years ago (it’s where we met), so it was kinda fun to go back. Funny enough, a couple of the same people even still work there!

After lunch, Joe’s family watched our boys while we went to the movies. Well, actually first we went to the tool store. LOL Then we went to the movie theater (which has changed a lot since we were there many years ago). They now have an Imax along with the regular theaters, and we saw "Deep Sea" in 3-D in the Imax. It was great, because we could actually get a beer and bring it in the theater! Don’t know if this is common in other states/areas, but I’ve never been able to take beer into a movie before! Unfortunately we didn’t know that the Imax one was only 40 minutes long, and we were a few minutes late, so it was over very quickly. We then went across the street to a little pizza place to have a beer and hang out. They had one of those old video game tables, similar to THIS so we played Ms. Pac Man at that table and drank some beers. It was fun to just play together and be silly and not have to worry about being parents for the moment! I kicked Joe’s butt the first game, but he badly kicked mine after that. We then were planning to go over to a good friend of ours house since he was working during the lunch party and missed it, but Adam was suddenly extremely fussy and tired, and we knew he wouldn’t make it through another get-together, so we had to cancel on that part and drive the boys home & put them to bed.

Sunday: I went to the 6-hour scrapbooking crop in the meeting room of Pizza Hut. Enjoyed hanging out with my sister and some friends there. My sis had another birthday cake for me there too. Unfortunately, the storms started while we were there, and when the tornado sirens went off, we had to go into the bathroom to take cover. (It was the restaurant’s policy). So, we all crammed into the bathroom. Sirens stopped, so we went back out and back to scrapbooking. Then they went off again, so this time we brought our chairs into the bathroom with us! lol (and yes, being the good little scrapbookers that we are, we did take pictures of us in the bathroom! LOL) This happened 3 times. Finally we decided to drive home when there was a break in the storms. That night we had tornado warning after tornado warning all around us. Our house was without electricity or phone line until the middle of the night. Since we couldn't cook, we drove back into town and picked up some Chinese take-out. Yum!!! Got back and ate it by candlelight since we had no other choice! I was awake til about 3am hearing all the warnings every few minutes on the battery-powered radio. We can’t hear the sirens from our house, so that’s the only way we could know when to take cover. Luckily we were not affected too badly at my house. We lost 1 tree, it snapped in half. But that appears to be the only thing. Other towns around us were not that lucky.

Monday: After being up most of the night, I was not too thrilled about getting my picture taken for our family photo! And it was still SO windy from the storms. I got blown all to pieces getting in and out of the car, so by the time we actually got the pic taken, any curl/style that had been in my hair was completely gone. *sigh* Oh well. We got the family photo done anyway, and it is okay. Not good, but not as terrible as I expected. See the results HERE. The 1st one would have been our pick, but Brendan had this devious demon-child smile on his face (which you can’t tell too much from the computer image, but it’s very obvious in person), so we had to go with the last one. Then after that we dropped the boys at daycare, we went to lunch at a restaurant I’d been wanting to try, and then went to see THIS. I thought it was supposed to be a very funny comedy, but it wasn’t at all! Joe thought the movie sucked. I thought it was okay, but it just wasn’t what I expected. I had wanted to see 16 Blocks, but the show time didn’t match our schedule for that one. (By the way, anyone out there that has seen the movie, did you find it as creepy as I did all those live "angels" dangling from the ceiling at the wedding?! Looked like a bunch of people had hung themselves or something...I know it was supposed to look neat and "beautiful" but I thought it looked ridiculous and creepy! LOL)

Tuesday: My actual birthday and the official beginning of being 30. Joe worked, boys went to daycare, and I had the day to myself at home. I did a little scrapbooking, a little tv watching, and a little cleaning around the house. Not very exciting, but was nice to just be by myself for awhile.
Today: I’m back at work, and back to reality. *sigh*


Katherine said...

I think those family photos turned out great! Sounds like a really nice weekend. Happy Birthday!

Carolyn F said...

Happy Birthday again!

Laura said...

you deserved much more than my mentioning you....sounds like a glorious birthday week....couldn't have happened to a nicer gal!
Love the family photos too....we always freeze with mom talking through clenched teeth saying just take the &^$$#& picture when the baby looks up!
Somehow they turn out.
Good looking family you are blessed with!
Happy birthday again kiddo!