Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Well, after an unseasonably warm winter, for the first day of spring yesterday we got snow! Not as much as they were calling for though. They were saying we would get about 6 inches, and we ended up with about 2. And the streets were just wet. So, no school closings or anything. Joe's work closes when the local public schools are canceled, so he was really hoping the school's would get canceled. We even stayed up late last night and finally watched the movie Walk the Line. lol So, now we're both tired today, but oh well. It was a good movie...although I found myself saying "Jerk!" outloud to the tv several times. heehee. This might sound kinda weird and you may think I'm crazy, but I've noticed for many years now (started noticing it when I was around age 10 or so) that when I hear certain songs/music from around that time period I get this weird feeling...kinda like a de ja vu mixed with haunting feelings come over me. Especially with a few of the Beatles songs and some of Elvis's songs, and several others too. It is so strange. I can't really describe it in words very well. But it was the reason I put off seeing Walk the Line, even though I knew it was probably a great movie. I did get a little of that feeling at certain parts during the movie, but not nearly as bad as I do with some other songs. Very strange. I guess I'm just weird.

Oh! And guess what I did a few days ago? I cleaned out and better organized our pantry! lol Real exciting, huh? But it was HORRIBLY messy and cluttered and unorganized before and it looks SO much better now. I took before and after pics...I'll try to remember to post them later when I get home. lol


scrapperbo said...

The weather here has been strange here too. For the longest it was in the 70s and now it is cold again, go figure. =o)

monica said...

OH! I applaud your cleaning. I'm a neat freak.

great movie!

And yeah right, we were suppose to get tons of snow... NADA!