Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Back from the weekend

I'm back from the weekend trip. We had a good time, and it was so nice to sleep past 6am! I got 22 pages done (12x12), plus put together a little 7x7 album (everything done on that except the pictures). We all enjoyed our time together. Adam came down with pink eye, so Joe is staying home with him today, and I am back at work.

Tonight I am taking Brendan to a Kickball class. It is just a one-time little workshop thing to introduce preschoolers to the sport. I hope he has fun.

I can't believe we only have 3 days of June left! It seems impossible that it could be almost July already! I don't like the way the holiday falls this year...since the 4th of July is on a Tuesday, we get Tuesday off, but not Monday! We're going to a BBQ at my mom's house on Sunday, and the boys will play on her slip 'n slide again. Then as it gets dark, my mom's boyfriend shoots off some fireworks for the boys (and us) to see. But, I have to work the next morning, so we'll have to rush home after that.

Well, I am swamped at work trying to catch up, so I better get off of here!

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Uisce said...

"Hey, you got da pink eye" -- I heard this over and over when I was in the Bahamas and got pink eye. The locals thought that was very cool, I guess, and welcomed me warmly! Beats being shunned every time you go out in public, I guess!