Friday, June 02, 2006

A new look...coming soon!

I'm so excited, my new blog look is almost ready! Kelly at Nello Design is working on mine right now :) So, watch for a fresh new look coming soon!

And...speaking of new looks, hopefully *I* will be looking better again soon too! I am on day 4 of the Power 90 in-home-boot-camp. 4 days down, 86 to go! lol I have had NO soda for all 4 of those days as well, and have been eating very healthy and drinking water, woohoo!

This weekend we'll be out of town at a family reunion, so I won't be around much. Hope everyone has a great one!


monica said...

OHHH I'm excited for you for BOTH thingS! :)

Katherine said...

Hey good for you!! I also just had my blog redesigned by Kelly - she's awesome.

FrogLegs said...


Carolyn F said...

So I'm not supposed to bring soda to Gatlinburg?!