Friday, June 09, 2006

Gotta "love" wedding crap

I apologize that I did not get around to very many Wordless Wednesdays this week, and didn't even do my Thursday 13! Between Blogger being down so much the last few days, and my own things, well, it just didn't happen this week.

Last night was the rehearsal dinner for Joe's brother's wedding. It was such a hassle. It was out of town, about 2 hours away, (on a work night) and due to construction traffic and then rush hour traffic, we were LATE! We had to take 2 cars because Joe stayed there to help set-up Friday, but I needed to work Friday. So, anyway, we had a series of things happen that just made the whole thing hectic...

* construction traffic...sat for 1/2 hour in traffic there
* further along the drive ran into rush hour traffic...went forever at about 5 mph.
* it was HOT, and since it was such slow stop-n-go I had to turn the AC off. Ugh!
* finally got there, and Joe was nowhere to be found. Couldn't figure this out since he was way ahead of me. I was worried
* he and Brendan finally arrived, turns out Brendan had to go pee, so they stopped, then had to get back into the terrible traffic. A few minutes later Brendan had to go poop! So they had to stop again. And Brendan is not a fast pooper, to say the least.
* I spent the whole rehearsal chasing the boys, trying to keep them happy while the wedding party practiced. Adam wanted nothing but to run outside the church. Did not want to be held or have his hand held, and if I dared to try either one he would scream. At least running is quiet.
* Finally go to the dinner...took FOREVER for the food to come out.
* Adam (19 mos) was fussy, Brendan (age 5) was hyper, we were quite the scene.
* After about an HOUR the food finally came out...mine was so burnt on the bottom I couldn't even eat it. Couldn't taste anything but the charred taste. Ick! So I ate 3 pieces of broccoli, my salad and 2 bites of the boys' chicken fingers instead.
* Drove the boys back home while Joe stayed overnight to help.
* Didn't get home until after midnight, and since the boys slept on the way home, they were refreshed and wanting to 12:30am.
* Finally got them both to bed, ran dishwasher, and flopped in bed myself at 1:00am
* 3:00am Brendan woke me up wanting to get in bed with me because his room was dark (his nightlight burned out).
* Got up at 6am to get both boys and myself ready.
* Drove them in, was almost to Brendan's preschool (20 minutes away from my house) when I realized I had forgotten to drop Adam off at his babysitter's house! UGH I am losing my mind! lol So I dropped Brendan off, and had to drive WAY the heck back further than I came to take Adam in, then drive WAY the heck back to my office (which is less than 5 minutes from Brendan's preschool where we had been in the first place). Needless to say I was late to work.

Now I'm trying to come up with a plan of QUIET things to keep the boys entertained during the actual wedding tomorrow. It is a CATHOLIC wedding, so a LONG one. (No, I'm not Catholic, but Joe's family is). Joe will be up front, as he is the best man. I imagine I will end up having to take the boys outside because I can't imagine they will be quiet for very long. So I will probably miss the whole thing while I sweat my ass off (it's supposed to be in the 90's and humid!) chasing kids outside, in my dress. Someone better have a nice ice cold beer ready for me as soon as this thing is over! *sigh*


Uisce said...

sounds like one of those things that will seem like an eternity before it's over but then you can just breathe a big sigh of relief... and have that beer!!

Carolyn F said...

Take a folder for Brendan with pictures to color & crayons, and a book with pictures for Adam to look at.

Jeanne said...

Oh Lord, I remember when my kids were young and we had to do all that wedding crap. I had my kids first so my sisters always wanted my kids to be IN the wedding too. My oldest was a flower girl when she was 2...we got her to walk down the aisle by telling her there were skittles candies waiting for her at the end of the (VERY LONG) aisle. She went down just fine. Of course, her nice pretty dress had all different colors from the candies all over it on the way back! Ten years ago, my youngest sister got kids were 7, 5 and 2. All three kids in the wedding, plus myself AND my husband. Now THAT was HELL!!!

FrogLegs said...

Coloring--- books, so many ideas I've got to try for them quiet. I have a quiet bag that I've taken to church with me since Nathan was itty-bitty.. we still have it- but thankfully he's quiet most of the time. I hope the wedding was /is nice and you can enjoy yourself.. :)

Becki said...

Hopefully it went well and you didnt have to spend the whole thing outside. I know all about trying to keep little ones quiet and content when needed but lets just say i amnot very good at it. Either that or they jsut arent very agreeable. I think it is alittle of both..

Katherine said...

Oh good luck!!