Monday, June 12, 2006

Seeing Spots and the Wedding

Well, on Friday afternoon I got a call from Brendan's preschool saying he has chicken pox! Ugh! Not what I needed to hear after Thursday night's happenings (see post below) and the day before I'm supposed to drive in for the wedding. Luckily it was a mild case...he only ended up with 8 pox total, and by Saturday they were already scabbed over, so he had them for a few days already before we even knew it! I saw them on his back, but I thought they were mosquito bites...chicken pox didn't even cross my mind! He has had the chicken pox shot, but it didn't keep him from getting them, just kept it more mild I guess.

We made it through the wedding Saturday. Since Brendan was scabbed, we went ahead to the wedding anyway. I brought a small toddler-size backpack with coloring books, a few books and quiet toys, and baggies of animal crackers to entertain the boys. It worked for most of it, although there was a period of about 10 minutes that I had to take Adam out because he was wanting to run down the side aisle and when I grabbed him he started fussing. But after that, he was pretty good. He ate 2 of the 3 baggies of crackers, which kept him quieter.

After the ceremony, my dad and his wife took the boys home with them, so we were kid-free for the rest of the afternoon & evening. That was nice! The wedding party and their spouses got on the bus that drove us around to various places to take pictures. (And of course there were coolers on the bus stocked with beer, so I did indeed get my cold beer after the wedding. lol). It was a fun time, and I took some pictures at a few of the locations as well. Will post a couple later when I get them developed. Then the bus drove us to the reception. That was also a lot of fun. I love wedding receptions, and we got to see a lot of our friends that we don't see as much anymore since we live about 2 hours away from there. It was great. (Well, great except for after the reception when I got sick and then passed out, and woke up with the white of one eye bloody-looking! But we won't talk about that part! LOL)

After all was done, we got back home around 9pm Sunday night. Adam now has the chicken pox too! So, I'm home today with both boys. Time to try to catch up on laundry, house cleaning, etc that got thrown to the side during all the wedding stuff.


Uisce said...

c-pox, holy cow, that's no fun! I actually had them as an adult, and oh man was that itchy!!

monica said...

Ohhh I hated the pox!! Love the new pic by the way :)

Carolyn F said...

Ouch! At least you've got it over with for both of them!

FrogLegs said...

a pox among us!! *giggle* Well-- freebie day off comes in handy when you've been super busy!! :) talk to you in a few weeks!!

Chi said...

Ugh on the definitely have your hands full, I'm sure...but the wedding & reception both sounded wonderful. *s*