Monday, May 05, 2008

Awards, Bonfire, Tires and more

Just sharing a little brag on Brendan...Friday night he had a Pack meeting, and he received three belt loop awards...the Physical Fitness one, the Spanish one and the Citizenship one. (I can't remember the "official" names of them). We think he has earned the Basketball one and Swimming one as well, but he hasn't received those yet. He was pretty proud :)

On Saturday I took Brendan to a Magic for Kids class. He learned several new tricks, not sure if he will remember them all though. After that we went to a neighborhood garage sale for a few minutes. It is a large neighborhood that has an annual garage sale, and it was crazy. Cars lining both sides of every street, people walking all over the place, and they even had port-a-potties and had tents of people selling BBQ and other food. It was like a festival! I had Brendan with me, and his legs didn't hold out all that long, so we only hit about 3 streets. We did find some great deals though:

Winter coat for Brendan= 50 cents

2 shirts for Brendan= 25 cents each

3 Dragonball Z videos= 25 cents each

1 Goosebumps movie= 50 cents

2 large transformer type toys= 25 cents each

1 Captain Underpants book= 25 cents

1 kid book about the Earth= 25 cents

So all that for $3.25 total! Gotta love garage sale prices!

That night we headed to one of Joe's co-workers house for a bonfire. Everyone was supposed to wear a crazy hat (not sure why). Joe and I wore sombreros and the boys wore fish hats. It was fun. I completely forgot to take pictures though.

Sunday I took my SUV in to have the tires balanced (again), since they've been wobbly. Turns out they didn't need balanced- the belt had broken and the spokes were poking out. And they said the tread was very bad too. So, Joe took it back in this morning and had 4 new tires put on.

This week is Teacher Appreciation week, so I spent some time over the weekend getting stuff ready for that too. I cannot believe Brendan only has 2-1/2 weeks of school left! After today, there's only 12-1/2 school days left! (the last day of school is a half-day). Wow.


Uisce said...

now if I could find *me* a winter coat for fifty cents... I must try!! :)


Well, at least the stuff you bought won't take up much room, since you are, after all, trying to get rid of stuff. Right?

Glad you had a good weekend gal!