Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Swearing Like a Sailor

The other day I had picked up Adam from daycare and we were on our way home, trying to get home in time for Brendan's bus. (keep in mind this is my 3 year old talking!)

Me: "We're a little late, I think Brendan is going to beat us home"
Adam: "Oh Dammit!"
Me: "Adam, don't say that word."
Adam: "What? Dammit isn't a bad word."
Me: "Yes, it is a bad word and I don't want to hear you say that."
Adam: "Well, I didn't say stupid or hell."

LOL! Too bad his listening skills are not as advanced as his swearing skills. *sigh*



Too funny! Sounds like a For Better or Worse comic.

Joe told me about the novelty of the word "poop" and how they'll insert a "poopie" into sentences. Cracks me up!

Uisce said...

omg, totally priceless!!