Monday, May 12, 2008

My Mother's Day weekend (& Survivor spoiler)

Monday again already, huh? The weekend was pretty good. Friday night Joe brought home crab legs and champagne for my mother's day meal. It was yummy. That night I made these candy bar wrappers for all the moms I was going to see the next day (the picture just shows a few of them, there were more. I was trying to balance these to take the picture in the moving car so it's not a great pic! lol)

Saturday we drove to meet up with my mom, her bf, my sister & her boys, my grandma & step-grandpa, my aunt, and my cousin and her son at Ruby Tuesday. We had a nice lunch, although the table was so long that we couldn't really talk much or hear each other very well. After we were done eating we took a pic of all the moms and kids out side the restaurant...

From L to R: Me, my sis, my mom, my grandma, my aunt, my cousin.

Kids: my two nephews, my two sons, and my cousin's son

After that we stopped by my dad's house to see him, his wife, and my other grandma (Granny). We enjoyed a nice visit with them.

From there we went to meet Joe's family for dinner at Outback.

(Joe's parents)

On Mother's Day Sunday I wanted Joe and the boys to help me clean and organize some things in the house. About noon I was starting to feel like nothing was getting accomplished, the boys were laying on the couch watching cartoons, Joe was drinking a soda and reading a magazine and I was having to clean and do laundry. I could see that if this continued I was going to start getting upset and angry so I decided I better just leave before that happened. So, seeing as I am in desperate need of clothes (remember, I hate to shop, so usually I have to be in dire need of something before I go shop for it), I decided this was my only good opportunity to go look for some shirts, and the dreaded bathing suit shopping for our upcoming vacation. I did find a couple shirts, and even a dress, skirt, and I did find a swimsuit too. It's a tankini, since I'm not brave enough to get in an actual bikini and since it has to be one I can wear on the waterslides (Been there done that with the bikini at waterparks before- those bikini tops do not like to stay on when you hit the pool at the bottom of a waterslide! lol) So, no bikini, and I thought all the one-piece suits were ugly. So, a tankini it was. I ended up buying THIS top with THIS bottom.

When I got back I was pleased to see that Joe had done some cleaning out in his closet and a little picking up and switched the laundry over :) Then he cooked dinner and put the boys to bed for me. Then we watched the 3-hour Survivor Finale and Reunion show. (Anyone else surprised that Parvarti won instead of Amanda?! I really wanted Amanada to win)

So all in all it turned out to be a pretty good Mother's Day weekend.

Hope everyone else had a great one!

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Peggy said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day! I love the candy bar idea.