Friday, May 23, 2008

Travel Bug

I'm so excited. Yesterday I booked our vacation stay for next March during Brendan's spring break. We are going to Destin, Florida! I've heard so many great things about Destin from people who have been there, and we have points we need to use up before April or we lose them, and resorts in Destin were on our list of places we could go. So, we're doing it. I've been to Florida quite a few times on my own, and as a kid, but I don't think Joe has ever been, and I know we have never been as a family. Actually, the only "beach" we've been to with either of the boys was in Michigan when Brendan was 3 (almost 4) and I was very pregnant w/ Adam. Now, those who know me or have been reading my blog for awhile know that I am a mountain-loving gal and would normally choose mountains over beaches every time, but seeing as it will be MARCH, I think the mountain areas would be a wee-bit too chilly. lol (and you also know that getting Joe to agree to a vacation and not complain about it is a rarity, so this is extra-super-exciting! heehee).

Our Wisconsin vacation is also coming up in about 4 weeks, and I'm totally excited about that one too! Our resort there has indoor and outdoor waterparks, arcade, and all sorts of fun family activities (not to mention all of the fun stuff outside of the resort). I think the boys will have a blast there as well.

Lots of fun stuff coming up to look forward to! I love to travel and go on vacation, and these last several years we have not really been going on "real" vacations (just little weekend trips here and there locally). So I am super excited that we will actually be taking a vacation this summer and next spring! Woohoo!

This weekend, Memorial Day weekend, however, we are not traveling. We try to avoid crowded times like this and Labor Day weekend when the rest of the world is out and about too. This weekend I hope to get some organizing and decluttering done around the house instead.

Whatever you are doing, have fun and be safe!

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Melzie said...

Fun, fun, fun!!!! Okay, so I have been having issues with your blog & also Kelly's-- wonder why, freaks my comp out-- but I'm trying to read now!! :)

Catching up!