Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Somewhat Successful Weekend

Well, I can now see the countertop, the dresser, the top of the dryer and the floor of the laundry room again. So it was a somewhat successful weekend! You would not believe the horrible mess of piles that had covered all 4 of these places. Whew! I feel a little better now, like maybe there really is a ray of hope. Hopefully I can continue to clear and organize before the other inhabitants of my home (and myself) mess things up again. LOL

(Oh, and I don't think I mentioned that school is out! Brendan's last day was last Wednesday! This week he has Scout day camp. So far he seems to like it.)


3XMom said...

Good for you! I feel so good when I get something like that accomplished. (for about 5 seconds, then I look around and see all the other crap-filled areas of my house!) ;)


So what's up for this weekend? Anything left to organize or are you all organized out? If you get a bug up your butt, come to my house! We need to organize the few clusters we have so that packing for the move will be easier.

Have a fun weekend, Courtney.

Peggy said...

School is out already? Wow! We still have 2-3 weeks, I am not sure.
Oh, you go. Every time I accomplish something, it seems to get messed up within the week:( My house was clean on Friday and now it's a mess! Plus I have piles of laundry. And I have to organize the babies clothes. Wow, I just vented all over your blog. LOL