Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Fun Weekend Trip

We're back from our weekend trip. We had a fun time, and the weather was beautiful! The hotel turned out to be a nice one. (since it was a free weekend stay we had a voucher for, we weren't sure what the hotel would be like) We arrived at about 9pm, so since they still had more rooms available they upgraded us to the "family suite", so we had 2 bedrooms each w/ King bed, 2 bathrooms, microwave, fridge, and small jacuzzi tub. The boys (especially Adam) looked so little and lost in their King bed...

Saturday morning we enjoyed the free hot buffet breakfast on the 9th floor of the hotel, where the boys liked to look out the window since we were pretty high up. After breakfast we took advantage of the hotel game room and pool.

Then we went by a nearby fish hatchery. They had indoor aquarium with the big fish, and then outside they had the concrete raceways with tons of trout in various growth stages. The boys got to feed the fish outside.

The amusement park was fun, the boys had fun on the rides.

Brendan took this picture of Joe and me. He almost cut our heads off, but otherwise a pretty good picture for a 7 year old!

Right before closing time, they do a fireworks/laser light show. Very neat!

Sunday we drove home. Along the way we stopped very briefly by a conservation area. There, Joe found a fence lizard, and put it on his hat. The boys thought it was funny to take turns wearing daddy's hat with the lizard on it.

All in all it was a nice, fun family weekend trip.

Unfortunately there was a sad ending to the weekend when we returned home. As we approached our house, we saw that "Ollie" (the stray cat that showed up a year or so ago & we've been taking care of like a pet) had been hit by a car and killed on our road. So, we burried him by where we burried Pippin. The boys picked a couple flowers to put on his grave.


Lisa T said...

Sounds like a pretty fun weekend. Sorry to hear about your kitty. :-(

Uisce said...

I'm sorry for your loss -- that's always a bummer.