Monday, October 06, 2008

Our Anniversary "Celebration"

So, Saturday was our anniversary. I'm guessing not too many other women "celebrate" their anniversary by washing and bagging deer parts, huh? LOL Yes, that is what we did on our anniversary. Joe and his brother got 2 deer that morning (while I took the boys to swimming lessons). Then from about 12:30 until about 7:30pm they sliced and diced, and handed each part to me to wash and bag. That's it. That's how our anniversary was spent. Nice, huh? LOL I think I deserve a "wife of the year award" don't you? heehee

(And here is what the cats did all day. I think they got the better end of that deal!)


Uisce said...

LOL, I think you've won the w.o.t.y.a. for sure!

Congratulations on that... and on the anniversary! :)


You deserve an after anniversary anniversary. What we do for our men huh?