Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Recap and Menu Plan Monday

I wish the weekend was longer...I don't get Columbus Day off, so it's back to the regular work week. We had a busy weekend, but did manage to have some fun squeezed in too.

Friday nights are our pizza/family nights. Usually that means we watch the latest family movie that has arrived from, but this time we played games instead. The boys picked Chutes and Ladder (the Sesame Street version), and Silly 6-Pins. They had so much fun, and guess who won Chutes & Ladders? Mommy rules! lol Poor Joe kept having to take the chutes way down almost back to the start every time he'd start to get somewhere...which the boys thought was hilarious.

Saturday I ended up carting the boys all over creation. But one of the many places we went to was the playground at the park, so they had a lot of fun there...

Oh, and as you can almost see in the photos, Brendan lost another tooth last week, front and center, so he is now missing both front teeth. He looks and sounds so funny and cute.

Okay, well, on to Menu Plan Monday.

Monday: Spaghetti

Tuesday: Bruschetta Chicken (trying this recipe from Org Junkie's family fave)

Wednesday: Chicken Quesedillas

Thursday: quick grab 'n go leftovers- we have a scout outing that night

Friday: Pizza/family night

Saturday: Pork Loin

Sunday: something in the crockpot, haven't decided yet


Peggy said...

We don't get Columbus Day off either:( Zach had off from school though! We really like chutes & ladders too:) I bet the sesame street version is way cute!

The Hoyt's said...

We didnt get columbus day off out here either.. Whats up with that?? Looks like the kids had a fun time though!! I have an award for you.. Check out my blog for details....